Electronic Voice Phenomenon

The International Ghost Hunters Society has been a pioneer and leader in the EVP development for the ghost hunting community since 1996. Today, many ghost clubs include EVP on their web sites. Electronic Voice Phenomena is a process whereby the voice or voices of the dead are embedded onto magnetic recording tape by a process that we do not understand.

The embedded "ghost" voice can be heard when the magnetic audio tape is played back on a tape recorder/player or with a digital recorder. Ghost voices are clear and do not sound like static, but some voices are weak and found at the noise level. Want to learn how to record ghost voices? Check out our link at How to Record and Analyze Ghost Voices

If you would like to know more about how to record ghost voices, order our Booklet called, How to Record and Analyze Ghost Voices. This booklet will enable you to be as successful as we are in recording the voices of the dead. Learn our secrets and techniques. Learn what software programs to use and how to use the software to evaluate ghost voices.

Since 2002, all new EVP recordings at posted on our Jeff Rense Page. Listen to us on the third Friday of each month as we play our new EVP recordings.