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Faces in Windows

Many people see faces and or figures in windows and mirrors. The reason that these figures and faces appear in photos is due to the very nature of poured glass, which has an uneven surface that reflects light and may cause faces or figures to appear in photos depending on the angle the photographer is in relationship to the glass window

The ability to see faces or figures in windows is akin to seeing figures and faces in clouds. Our mind quickly attempts to interpret the shape of the cloud into something we can relate to or in the case of window glass, the resulting reflection from either outside objects or from the reflection of the discharge of the flash.

Once one in a hundred cases, the face is valid, the vast majority of the time, the face or figure in the window is a natural phenomena associated with reflective glass. Just as taking pictures through glass or Plexiglas will show ectoplasm due to the irregular surface conditions of the material.

Generally, the faces or figures in the window that is located on the second floor of a house. The photographer is looking upward and does not realize the reflection in the window comes from external surroundings. Branches, trees, curtains, or other natural objects cause the reflection in the glass.

Anyone conducting ghost photography should have a basic understanding of photography 101. Airborne dust particles are everywhere and found both inside and outside the home. Just as images found in windows are natural so too are the abundance of spherical spots found in digital photos known as dust orbs.

Ghosts do not need windows to make themselves known. They will manifest if they want to be observed by us mortals. Any natural reflections in the window will fuel the imagination of those not trained in basic photography. This is the sad aspect of ghost hunting, so many amateurs clogging up the Internet with photos of environmental anomalies that they claim to be from the paranormal.

Dr. Dave Oester, DD, PhD, Reiki Master

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