Why Vortices?

I would like to share an insight I discovered this past weekend while relaxing along the Oregon Coast. Sharon had bought me a Tornado Lamp made for the Walmart Chain store. This is a glass cylinder filled with water that has hundreds of little colored balls floating on top of the water.

At the bottom of the glass cylinder is a propeller that spins very fast, creating a current. A small light illuminates the water. Within a few seconds the water starts to swirl and the floating balls swirl with the water. Soon, the floating balls are sucked down into the current created by the propeller. The balls continue being sucked down in the current resulting in a vortex shape like a tornado. As the bottom of balls hit the blade of the propeller, they are forced out of the stream of suction and floating back to the surface where they are again sucked downward in the shape of a vortex. This vortex shape is exactly like the shape of the anomaly photographed at Sellers Arts & Crafts over a year ago.

This action that created the vortex enlightened my cloudy mind and I realized from all of the thousands of photographs I have examined that what I was seeing in this lamp was what occurred in the vortex photographs.

The vortex shaped anomalies often captured on film may well be the result of many balls of light or orbs that composes these vortexes. The vortex is used for moving about collectively.

Consider that ghosts are nothing more then the spirits of the dead who return at will or to remain to be near loved ones or are anchored to this earth plane because of unfinished or unresolved issues. These human spirits are mirror images of us. They are the human spirit without human bodies. We as humans enjoy the company of other humans. We enjoy being together in groups of people...church meetings, shows, events, parties, public travel vehicles, clubs, neighbors, etc. We as humans must be around other of like kind, except for the few who enjoy the solitude of being alone. The human spirits who visit us at will enjoy the same. Spirits like being around other spirits as well as being around the living.

Spirits that appear in the shape of balls or orbs will collectively join with other orbs to merge as one. We have hard photo evidences of a single orb splitting into two separate orbs. If they can split into two different and separate orbs then why not have two join together as one? Perhaps an example of an Universal Consciousness or God force?

Imagine, a vortex may consist of dozens of orbs working together as one force. Consider that in previous issues I have talked about the Ring Structure of these vortexes, what if instead of one orb oscillating back and forth, the ring structure is composed of dozens of orbs moving together as one vortex! These multiple orbs within this vortex may be like a train moving passengers from one location to another.

We must not limit our minds but allow our minds to expand so we can comprehend what we do not understand from the spirits of the dead. The hard photo evidence is available on our website to learn what is occurring by these spheres of light.

I am sure that the brightness of these orbs when viewed on an individual basis will be of varying magnitude due to how long the spirit has been around, how strong willed the spirit is and what kind of conditions exist for the spirit to manifest itself.

Remember, the best times are near the full or new moons and during storms with electrical activity. This electrical activity is a booster to the spirits in manifesting themselves in our domain. Where you find one spirit, generally you will find many spirits because the spirits will group together just as we do.

Kind regards,
Dave Oester

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