Statement on Orthodox Christianity

I am an ordained and licensed minister, but I teach a pathway that does not require pews, four walls, congregational rituals or donations to its ministers. Spiritual growth is not dependent upon a membership in a specific church or religion. Christianity is not a unified religion, it has extreme radials and extreme conservatives and several thousand sects in between. Some sects are mainstream, others teach creeds that are unique to their sect. The primary objective of Christianity is not worship of the one God, but of a deity they call the Son of God who is more important in their lives than God. Today Christianity relies upon holy words from the Bible, but the Bible has undergone a series of translation that has rendered the original version totally different from today's versions. Instead of relying upon the Aramaic language version, which is what Jesus would have spoken, they rely upon Greek, Latin and English translations. The only factor that is absolute about Christianity is that it will change with time and with cultures and no two groups of Christians will agree with each others doctrines.

I find the words written by Steve Alten in his novel, Goliath, to summarized my beliefs:

"I am not speaking of God in a religious sense, but as a divine presence, a foundation in our lives, the spirit that guides us from within. Without this spiritual presence, we are all just ships without rudders, drifting aimlessly."

See my article on Gnostic Christians at Gnostic Christians.

Rev. Dr. Dave Oester, PhD, DD

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