Proof of the Soul at Death

My Proof that the Soul lives after Death
Beth Pinzok

I read your report on weighing the body after death to determine whether the soul has "space" so I had to e-mail you and tell you of my soul experiences. I'm a big ghost enthusiast and have good intuitive instincts. But, all that is really just a hobby.

About three years ago, working as a nurse (as I've been for 8 years) I watched a lady die from cancer. A white "wisp" came out of her forehead. It looked like a tiny white tornado to me. I looked at the other nurse and I said, "Did you see that?" She just asked me, "See what?"

I know she didn't but it got me thinking that I just saw the soul leave the body, so now, every time I see someone die, which is a lot because I work in nursing homes, I look for the "soul." I have seen it again a few times, sometimes it's a spark, and sometimes it's just a sluggish white form. I KNOW that it HAS to be the soul because immediately after I see it, the person takes their last breath, maybe one more reflex breath, but it's always right after I see it.

I've thought about taking a picture of it, but I wouldn't know how to, and sometimes the family is in the room, and that wouldn't be possible. Most of the time though, it's us nurses that are there with them. I find that a dim room is the best and to just look right at the forehead. In a second you'd miss it. I hope this helps you believe in the soul, I really think God lets me see this because my search for ghosts, and contact with the other world is my way of finding "proof" that there is life after death. I just want to know we are here for a reason, and when we die, we just don't die and rot. The soul goes on!

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