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Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is often described as being held down by an invisible force and can be extremely scary to the person being held in this confinement state. This sleeping disorder is most often associated with demonic or malevolent activity because the disorder 'feels' like someone is holding or pinning you down, thus preventing you from being able to move or to scream for help. According to Sleep Disorder Doctors, this disorder is common.

The IGHS gets reports describing this very event with the person suggesting the event was demonic in nature. They describe being held down, attacked, choked or sexually molested. In every case the 'victim' has not consulted a doctor about a sleep disorder, but they have contacted a priest or minister for an exorcism. It appears that their religious views color their vision of reality. Often this irrational fear is paramount to the fear held by the people during the Middle Ages and during the Salem Witch Trials. The people did not understand so they condemned and destroyed what they did not understand. However, once this disorder is recognized, the demons depart and we understand the nature of the disorder. We all have nightmares at one time or another, yet we do not claim our nightmares were real demons attacking us. We understand that nightmares are fragments from our subconscious mind leaking into the conscious mind and that they generally can be symbolic, not actual.

Unfortunately, our imaginations have been programmed by Hollywood films, such as 'The Entity' that suggest that we should expect some kind of evil demonic creature to terrify us if we should find ourselves being pinned down in bed by an invisible force. We must break free of the singularity of this mind set if we are to understand what is happening by this sleep disorder. However, this is not the case. Instead of being held down or choked by some demon, we suffer a sleep disorder, not an attack by a figure from the depths of hell.

For more information about this sleep disorder, visit Sleep Disorder and Sleep Paralysis and Associated Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Experiences.

Another Theory about Sleep Disorder by Shootydog@aol.com:

I read your section on sleep paralysis and I would like to add something to the discussion. I am no sleep disorder expert nor am I a doctor of psychology. I would like to make people aware of a certain theory which I believe has merit.

Sleep paralysis can be attributed in most instance to something called a "Night Hag," or a waking dream. Most people will suffer from at least one incident in their lives. During deep sleep the body dreams. It is a natural way for the mind to replenish itself from the rigors of constant activity. Parts of the mind shut down and allow the cells to rest. Other parts of the mind continue to function and it is at these times we dream. Sometimes the dreams are pleasant memories, fantastic visions and dreamscapes. Sometimes they are nightmares, terrors or the "Night Hag."

During dreaming the mind shuts down the systems that allow the body to move. This is a function that protects a person from harming themselves while they dream. When this defense system fails various sleep disorders become apparent. Sleep walking is a very common disorder. Some people will repeatedly beat their heads or other body parts against walls or the floor. Involuntary movements are common sleep disorders.

During a "night hag" the system that paralyzes your body is still functioning. However, for reasons not yet understood a person will awaken and be absolutely alert to their surroundings. This inability to move can be very frightening and since the person is aware of being awake most will tend to attribute this to some demonic or supernatural phenomena. The person is actually still dreaming and is in the middle of one of the most terrifying nightmares they will ever have. People have reported footsteps in the hallway and an impending sense of doom. Figures at the foot of the bed who touch and grab at them. Some have speculated that "Night Hags" are the origin of alien abduction phenomena.

It is worth noting that people who have experienced "Night Hags" are adamant in their belief that what they experienced was real and not just a dream. Who is to say unless you experience it yourself.

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