Where to Find Ghosts

The International Ghost Hunters Society teaches its members that ghosts are everywhere! Think about what we are suggesting. We are suggesting that ghosts are everywhere, such as in old creepy houses and old cemeteries. Ghosts haunt not only old places, but new buildings and homes.

Let's examine why a ghost would haunt a given site. First, the ghost may have lived or work in the place during its life and loved it so much that upon death did not want to abandoned the building, apartment or complex. This is often the case in historical homes where the early owner can still be seen moving around in the house.

We teach that ghosts have intelligence, emotions and attitudes that they had in life. If they loved a place or building in life then in death they may not want to depart from it. Does this mean they are cursed? No, of course not. Consider your own life. Have you ever lived in a home or place that you did not or would not move from? Remember ghosts are the mirror image of their mortal life, just without the body.

Ghosts are everywhere! We declared this concept on ABC News Nightline back in 1994 when they did a thirty minute segment on us as Ghost Hunters.

You do not need the name of a haunted house in your town to find a ghost. They are everywhere. Start with those places you feel are creepy or spooky as a starting point. These are the obvious places for ghosts, but do not forget that new buildings and homes may also be haunted.

The best time for taking ghost photographs is at dusk and later. You want the dark background of evening as a contrast when your flash goes off to highlight the ghostly anomalies. Yes, the best way is to use a camera with flash at night. We recommend Kodak Gold 400 or 800 Max color print film.

Plan your investigation near the new or full moon for best results. We have found a window of two or three days on each side of the new and full moon are the most productive. This lunar cycle generates the strongest geomagnetic earth fields. The ghosts are electromagnetic in nature and as part of the electromagnetic spectrum, use the geomagnetic fields for manifesting themselves. Also when a storm is approaching, the spirits are active.

Since 1996, we are the only ghost research organization that teaches "Ghosts are Everywhere!"

Good Hunting,
Dr. Dave Oester
CoFounder IGHS

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