In Memory of
Sharon Gill Oester


May 6, 1949 - January 7, 2014

My beloved Sharon Oester passed away from cancer after fighting this battle for ten mnonths. She will be sorely missed by friends, family, and members of the International Ghost Hunters Society. She was married to Dave Oester for 24 years. Sharon and Dave were known by many on the radio shows as the Oester Twins.Sharon graduated from the New York Institute of Photography and accumulated over ten thousand slides of outdoor scenes. Sharon completed a two-year program with the University of Metaphysics resulting in a doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling. Her thesis was on Understanding Death and Grief and is the basis for the Part 2 of the Home Study Course. Her thesis helped people who have experienced the loss of a loved one, how to work through that grief and discover the inner strength that comes from surviving the loss of a loved one. Sharon loved being the co-founder of the International Ghost Hunters Society. She loved to respond to email request for help regarding death and grieving issues. She had thousands of fans who will miss her weekly contribution to the online Newsletter. Reverend Sharon was ordained metaphysical minister in 1997 through the International Metaphysical Ministry and could legally perform marriage ceremonies, baptisms, funerals and all other ministerial services.

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