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Shadow People

We video taped what has become known as the "Shadow People' at Shaniko, Oregon and have over two minutes thirty seconds of over a dozen ghost children being represented as shadows dancing across the wall of the old abandoned school building basement. This video segment is found in the Members Only section of the Ghost Galleries.

The "Shadow People" are not evil or demonic, but simply represent a different configuration pattern than the previously documented orbs, vortices and ectoplasmic swirls and vapor that are the shapes of the spirits of the dead. The spirits of the dead may manifest in many configuration patters according to what they choose. It does take more energy to be displayed as a full body apparition than being a ball of light or an vapor of energy.

No one understands the science behind the "Shadow People". Consider a shadow passing across the wall in front of you. You see a human shaped shoulders and head, perhaps arms moving across the wall. If you are a fundamentalist, you call this dark form a demon. However, if you have an open mind, you would say, "WOW" and attempt to understand what was happening.

We must understand that in our Western culture, the bad guys wear black hats and the good guys wear white hats. Therefore, anything black is considered evil and demonic and anything white is considered okay. However, in science, we consider that perhaps the anomaly represents a spirit whose body is composed of spirit matter that is not visible to the human eyes.

Light will not pass through this spirit matter because it is still too dense. The light is blocked by the spirit matter and is casting a shadow onto the wall. The shadow is not alive, but the spirit whose shadow is being cast. This concept has been proved time and gain by photographic images showing shadows being cast by orbs and vortices.

We cannot see x-rays, gamma rays and all of those particles beyond our human visual spectrum, yet they exist. Sometimes we feel that we must see something in order to believe it exist. While this is true in many areas, it is not true when dealing with the electromagnetic spectrum, including those frequencies that exist beyond our human vision range.

We cannot see or hear in the spectrum that dogs are capable of doing. I do not recall people claiming to be able to hear dog whistles, for example, yet dogs can hear it. We accept this as normal and do not claim dogs are demonic.

Some have proclaimed the Shadow People to be evil or demonic, this reeks of fundamentalism at its worst. The term "Shadow People" is relatively new and is being used to promote fear and doom. We fear what we do not understand and therefore we try to destroy what we fear.

This age old philosophy was employed against the Native Americans as European settlers arrived to condemn the Indians because they were not Christians and force them from their lands as the settlers advanced West. This was the philosophy of the Mother Church as she promoted Crusades to expand her power base and financial interest in Europe.

The International Ghost Hunters Society does not endorse this deviant behavior. We have been teaching that "Shadow People" are just another configuration pattern that the spirits of the dead may display, according to their choice. We have documented this pattern with photos and with video recordings. Those seeking demons must look in new areas as the "Shadow People" do not qualify.

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