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Scientific Evaluations

I get many emails and telephone calls from people asking how I know that the spheres captured with digital and film cameras are really spirit orbs and not something natural, such as dust, pollen, moisture or other airborne particles.

I realize that new people always start out slow on their learning curve, and sometimes I do not have time to really do justice to their questions. Much of this information is already posted on the web site where we have posted comparisons of dust and spirit orbs. Those of you who are experienced know how difficult it is to explain how we know the differences because the new people have absolutely no understanding of anything concerning the spirits of the dead.

We must start at the beginning by explaining the function of the scientific tools that we employ, such as the EMF meter, the Thermal Scanner, Infrared Night Vision Camcorder, Motion Sensors and the EVP Recorder. After explaining the function of the scientific tools, we have to explain the physical changes that occur when a spirit is present in our dimension. We explain about the direct relationship to the electromagnetic signature and a change in temperature for detecting the presence of a spirit. Add to this combination, the other recordings and we can generate a pattern that provides us with a model of what to look for when ghosts are present. When we explain that when we get the electromagnetic signature, a change in the ambient temperature and then add the infrared night vision camcorder recording of sphere shaped anomalies occurring at the same time and we detect an EVP voice resulting in a combined array of scientific data correlating the existence of an orb or spirit.

Combined with this extensive array of scientific data, we add the subjective observation that occurs, thus, we have a long list of physical evidence that suggest to us that we have a valid encounter. Skeptics will still disagree with this protocol since it was not developed by them, but by us. We have been posting the results of our field investigations since 1996, long before it became popular to do the same. We were the ones who coined the terms, "orb," "vortices" and "ecto" as depictions of the configuration patterns expressed by these spirit visitors. We pioneered the standards and protocols for conducting field investigations without mediums or psychics, but with scientific tools that does not react to emotional static that affects the mediums and psychics. This is not to say that mediums or psychics are not real, but not everyone is psychic and can detect spirits. We provided a protocol that all could follow without having to rely upon someone whose outcome could not be validated.

I can think of another example when someone says that a spirit orb is a dust particle. This is paramount to suggesting that all automobiles are Fords when if examined closer the realization would suggest that not all automobiles are Fords, but some are Chevys, some are Buicks and some are BMWs. Only someone with a narrow mind set would be so bold to call all automobiles Fords, yet we have skeptics who will call all sphere shaped anomalies dust or rain droplets, without conducting a closer examination.

Skeptics will claim that any eighth grader can use a photo editing program to fake a digital image. I counter by saying any seventh grader who takes a basic photography class can fake a print by combining two or more negatives or by touching up the negative to create a false print. So what? Negatives do not guarantee validity as some skeptics would like to fool people into thinking. Trick Photography is very specific about how to create photo tricks just as digital manipulation can be done to create a trick photo.

One of the best evidence that one can obtain that an orb is a spirit orb is if it leaves a contrail. No physical anomalies, such as dust, pollen, insects or moisture will leave a contrail because these anomalies are not moving faster then the shutter of the camera. Now we have the possible spider web that might reflect the flash and cause a series of orbs to show up in a contrail like arrangement, but common sense and location will indicate if this aspect is even a possibility. A spirit orb that leaves a contrail will be very distinct and will not resemble natural anomalies.

Some will say that these contrails can be created by someone using a photo editing program or paint program. True, some can create close look alike, but to the trained eye, disparities will show up. Also remember, most people who are afraid of digital images being manipulated are generally the skeptics. What is the motive for such a fraudulent attempt to deceive others? Perhaps it is the pride of these skeptics to disprove what thousands have validated for themselves. There is no profit in creating fraudulent images that they have to misrepresent to others.

In other words, lies and deceit accompanies these frauds and therein lies the issue. Why do skeptics feel they must rely upon deceit and fraud to prove us wrong? What are they scared of? The truth shall make you free, except to the skeptic who believes "the truth is as they think it should be, not as scientific evidence suggests" and that is the problem. They can shout louder, but the truth will not be changed. We still teach "Ghosts are Everywhere!" Why? Because it is a simple fact we established a long time ago in our field investigations.

I am always amazed at how a skeptic will argue that digital cameras should not be used because it produces no negative for validating the image. Yet these same skeptics will rely upon mediums and psychics who can produce no evidence or proof of what they say or describe, yet the psychic visions and impression are held in such esteem while these same skeptics downgrade the digital camera has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. I prefer the scientific protocol over the Ouija board and seance methods for ghost hunting.

Dr. Dave Oester, Ph.D


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