The Ripple Effect of Orbs

The IGHS has posted two new photos taken by PA IGHS member Joyce Burdick that clearly show an orb in motion leaving a rippling contrail behind it. The newly revealed Ripple Effect is the smoking gun proof that can be offered to the nonbelievers to invalidate their explanations for camera straps. I am asked once in a while if we have any solid evidence or smoking gun to offer to skeptics. We have revealed many solid photographic prints that are unquestionably of a paranormal origin. Yet, the closed minded attitude still prevails among some unbelievers. Thus, we offer another smoking gun as proof that vortices are not camera straps as claimed by cynics. We encourage seekers to examine the thousand's of photographic prints, eliminate any that they feel are questionable and ponder those that defy natural origins and claim to be of paranormal origin.

Joyce Burdick captured a ball of light in motion and that was leaving a contrail with the rippling tread patterns often associated with vortices. What is remarkable is that Joyce captured two photos of this orb moving, each time showing the ripple pattern left behind in its wake. These are daytime shots so skeptics can't claim it is a reflection of the flash or any of the other frivolous excuses.

These two photos clearly delineate the tread pattern that skeptics claim to be evidence of the camera strap. The IGHS has long held that this tread pattern was a natural anomalous condition found in vortices, but lacked the solid scientific proof. However, this changed when the IGHS received the two remarkable photographs that set off a chain of events cumulating in the starling revelation, we are calling the Ripple Effect. Now, there may be other interpretations derived from this rippling motion that others will discover as continued research is applied to this field.

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