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Residual Haunting in Time
By Dr. Dave Oester

Ghosts are discarnate souls who have lived and died on this earth and for some reason unknown to us have elected to remain earthbound or by their emotions became anchored to this earth plane after death. It is our belief that the intelligence, personalities, and the emotions that made up who we are in this life, survives the death process. This energy combination represents our souls; we know that we cannot destroy energy, but energy can transform into another energy configuration. This soul energy is detectable with EMF and EM meters, a compass, or other instruments that detect the electromagnetic or magnetic fields.

Skeptics who have no paranormal experience are quick to suggest theories and excuses that suggest ghosts are simply figments of our imaginations. It seems to me that it takes more faith to be a skeptic and ignore the mountains of documented evidence that clearly show that we can measure the physical energy emitted by these discarnate entities. We know that ghosts are not figments of our imaginations as some skeptics suggest.

During almost any ghost investigation, we find that the presence of a ghost will disrupt the electromagnetic fields; their presences recorded by capturing their voices on digital recorders, and if you walk through their physical presence, the ambient temperature decreases significantly. Skeptics can continue to suggest that these physical changes occur because of subterranean chambers and flowing streams through limestone causing the EMF distortion, but that is a load of horse pucky. The mere recording of ghost voices invalidates the skeptic’s explanations. Underground water does not produce human voices. We have had skeptics tell us that ghost voices were coming through the plumbing and sewer lines from neighbors. However, these skeptical experts did not inquire to the type of plumbing, such as the current septic tank and the fact that the nearest neighbor was over a mile away and there were no connecting pipes or sewers since in the rural countryside, sewers and water lines did not exist. Each home had their own water well and a septic tank, all independent of each other.

The traditional ghost hunting community teaches that this soul, which we call a ghost, is a disembodied fragmented spirit lacking in human qualities. This disembodied soul is a fragment of the soul trapped; sometimes in a sequence of identical events repeated over and over, much likes a looped tape. Most of the knowledge within the traditional ghost community comes from writings and books published in the late 1800s or during the early years of the last century during the Spiritualist movement.

Traditional ghost hunters rely upon outdated publications inspired by psychic or mediumistic visions, which lack scientific protocols for their understanding of ghosts. Information obtained through psychics and mediums lack creditability, as there is no attempt to prove or disprove the information.

We have made discoveries and gained insights suggesting that the disembodied spirit is not an "it," but is a transformed or evolved life form that for reasons unknown to the vast majority of the population, has chosen to remain behind on this earth plane as a ghost or is anchored here due to unresolved issues or unfinished business. We also discovered that any unanchored soul may elect to return to visit family, friends or loved ones. We have documented that these souls or spirits have the power to return at will to this dimension. These same spirits or souls may leave any time they choose. These spirits are free to come and go at will, no anchors are holding them to this earth plane. One of the most basic insights we have learned from our fifteen years of experiences concerning ghosts is that the living has no power over the dead. Unlike Hollywood’s version of ghosts, real ghost are not under the control or power of the living. No exorcism, cleansing, blessing, or other ritual will banish ghosts.

The soul remaining on the earth plane may have unfinished business, unresolved issues, but the soul is not fragmented. The soul may be confused, lost, or it may simply feel comfortable remaining in this earth plane. Many reasons account for souls remaining here beyond those previous stated. We know of cases where a spirit remains here to watch over family members, or they return at will to be near loved ones. The ghosts of Gettysburg remain earth bound for similar reasons. These ghosts are not reenacting their death over and over as suggested by the Theory of Residual Haunting. Their activities and their actions are never exactly the same each time. We have never recorded the same words spoken each time we captured ghost voices on the battlefield, each time the voices are different and the words are never the same.

The traditional understanding of residual hauntings or hauntings in time suggests that the spirit or spirits duplicate an action continuously, never varying, similar to playing a video segment repeatedly. Researchers proposed the theory of residual haunting as the acceptable explanation for any haunting that reoccurred on a regular basis, such as the favorite tale of ghosts dragging chains in English castles at midnight. Even if the reoccurring events took different forms and had different content than former visitations, the traditional ghost researchers grouped those events as constituting a residual haunting.

Today there exist many traditional ghost researchers who accept the theory of residual haunting because there has been no other theory proposed that explains routine hauntings whether their repeated actions exactly duplicate prior actions or whether their actions are random but occur on a timely basis. This concept probably originated with the Church views that souls are fragment at death if they are still earth bound instead of in their ecclesiastical abode.

The Christian church does not accept that the soul can remain in this earth plane without existing in a cursed and fragmented state. The Navajo believe that when a Navajo dies, all that is evil and negative remains behind as a ghost. Their worldview of ghosts seems to parallel the Christian church teachings, which are not based on facts, but rather on an idea that has come down as a tradition and traditions are as important to the Christian church as doctrinal tenets.

This supposition based on the theory that energy is fragmented and imprinted in the surrounding area is not consistent with the research we have done along with the research by members of the International Ghost Hunters. In none of the field investigations has residual haunting explained the paranormal episodes encountered. We discovered that the fragmented soul concept to be completely fallacious as it mislead researchers into trying to put a square plug into a round hole, it simply does not fit!

This archaic belief belongs in the realm of folklore and myths. Science is mutable and changeable. If a hypothesis that explains an understanding proves to be inaccurate, science will reject it and accept the new explanation that becomes the working theory. However, the Church is not able to reject tradition; the fragmented soul concept continues to influence our society.

Religion takes a dim view of ghosts and the vast majority of the 2, 200 plus Christian sects teaches that ghosts are fragmented souls at best and demonic at worst. If we remove religion from this equation, we can clearly demonstrate that ghosts are not fragmented souls, but souls with intelligence, emotions, and personalities held over from their former lives. The only difference between a ghost and the living is that one has a physical body the other has a spiritual body. Western man functions around the concept of a linear time line where our lives become space-time events on this plane that stretches from our past to our future. We travel along this time line until we pass beyond the grave.

Each event in our life is marked on this time line. This marker or pointer delineates some important event that was significant enough to influence the balance of our travels along that time line. These space-time events can be positive or negative depending on the experience. The positive events in our lives act as paving on our time line allowing us to travel smoothly down the time line. However, negative space-time events become potholes on our road and it is these potholes that cause a spirit to become stuck at those particular space-time events when death occurs.

When we cross over to the other side, we have a life review that we can represent as travel along our time line. We travel along our smooth paved time line until suddenly we hit a pothole. We cannot advance until we smooth out that pothole. We become stuck at that pothole until we can remove it from the time line. In battle, the pothole relates to our emotional energies at the time of death. The life review can flash by in milliseconds, but the results are the same. We cannot continue onward until we repair the potholes from the past.

Unlike Hollywood’s portrayal of residual haunting, the spirit does not repeat his actions over and over, but rather the spirit is stuck in that space-time event. In the case of Gettysburg, soldiers killed on the battlefield dropped dead, but as their spirits awakened, their lives passed before them and stopped at the pothole labeled “Civil War” and so these spirit soldiers arose and continued fighting. Once the battle was over, they retired with other spirit soldiers around campfires following their normal routines. Their emotions, anchored to the place of their death, prevent these souls from moving onward. They must remain until they can unravel their emotional anchors.

The soldiers are on an emotional high, they are fighting for their way of life, their homes, and their families. They cannot go home until the war is over. The date is July 1863 and the war has raged for 26 months. Many of the soldiers on both sides are tired; they enlisted because it was a great adventure. They never thought the war would last this long. Many were hungry, shoeless, and cold. They had to win or they would lose everything they held dear to their hearts. When the transition from life to death occurred, these soldiers would not give up, but continued the fight.

Why would this space-time event become frozen in time? We know that when a person dies, the intelligence, the emotions, the attitudes acquired during the mortal life remains with the spirit after death of the physical body. The spirit still “feels” the emotional impact of the event that took his or her life. The strong emotions are a form of energy embedded within the spirit.

We have been gathering stories and photos for almost ten years from Gettysburg. We have not heard of spirit soldiers repeating their actions as in an endless loop of video tape played over and over. Instead, we hear tales of spirit soldiers hiking along the road, picked up and traveling in the back of a pickup or of spirit soldiers interfacing with the living in homes and on the battlefield.

We have audio recordings of voices chatting as if sitting around a campfire at night. Bugle calls and the sound of marching soldiers, the sounds of musket fire and cannon fire, even the sound of wagons pulled by horses. Visitors to the Gettysburg National Military Park report smelling gunpowder, campfire smoke, and old blood while on the battlefield. We know visitors who reported feeling bodily pain at battlefield sites where wounded soldiers fell. Some are left in tears as the emotional energy of battle is strongly felt.

We have all seen people who have gone through a bad divorce and ended up very bitter and angry. The person will hold onto the bitterness and anger for many years. Their disposition is very negative and filled with hatred toward their spouse and sometimes even the opposite sex in general. Letting go of their emotional issues allows them to move onward. The same applies to the soldiers who must leave the battlefield behind. These spirits must realize they are dead and that they are no longer responsible for fighting the war.

The spirit are trapped in a terrible emotional whirlpool that continuously goes around and around, never ending that folklorists mistakenly call residual haunting. The only way to break this destructive cycle is by depleting the negative energy that is holding the spirit trapped in this space-time event.

These spirits or ghosts are people without physical bodies and governed by emotional stimuli. Ghosts do not perform like a trained circus animal to please skeptics or sensation seekers. Everyone wants to see and experience the sensationalism of a fully formed ghost, but this is rare.

The most common haunting on the battlefield consists of batteries that suddenly go dead in electronic equipment, or little pranks that will be played during an investigation. The investigator may walk into a cold spot, where the temperature drops so fast that their exhaled breath is visible, they may hear their names called, or hear muffled voices or footsteps. Sometimes it is a feeling that someone is watching them, but seldom does a ghost appear in full form.

A window of opportunity is available two or three days on each side of a new or a full moon and during solar storms that bombard the earth with charged ion particles. These solar storms hit the earth within 24 to 48 hours after a solar flare occurs on the sun. The lunar cycle relates to the intensity of the geomagnetic fields and not to old superstitious folk tales of vampires or other mythological creatures. Another excellent time for conducting field investigations is during an electrical storm when the electrostatic energy is strong. Empirical evidence suggests that thunderstorms are excellent times for photographing the spirits. Be aware that lightening storms pose serious health hazards so avoid investigations during actual lightening discharges.

Source: America's Hauntings Vol. 6: Ghosts: A Handbook for the Living
by Drs. Dave Oester and Sharon Gill
Copyrighted 2006

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