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  • Thinking about writing a book or a digital ebook.

  • Do you have a special message or a life experience worth sharing?

  • Have you written a book, but cannot find a publisher.

  • Frustrated with how to prepare your manuscript for publishing?

  • You have a message, but the process of getting published is intimidating.

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  • All of our printed books are available on and on Amazon European websites in UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

  • All of our Kindle Edition ebooks are available in UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, and Brazil.

I have published over 68 printed or digital ebooks. I know the in's and out's of getting the book from the manuscript stage, through the editing stage, and then formatted to the publisher's requirements so it can go to print, ending up with your final version, a printed book.

I have good news for you, Coyote Moon Publishing will take your manuscript and provide the formatting corrections to prepare the manuscript for printing. We will even design your book cover. Coyote Moon Publishing will then publish your book with no minumin book quantities required using the most advance technology today called On-Demand printing that will allow for one book or multible book orders to be printed and shipped the next day.

Coyote Moon Publishing will convert your manuscript to a digital format for publishing your manuscript as an on-demand book. You set your own selling price for your book. I provide the ISBN and Barcode for the book. This means that once I complete the conversion for your manuscript then the book is ready for printing, you can order any number of books, from one book to however many books you wanted printed. The price per book remains the same, plus shipping charges, and it will be shipped within just a few day after I receive payment for the book order depending on the time of year.

My charge for taking your manuscript from its raw form to the finished product is only $199 and your book will be listed on in the US and on Amazon Asia and European in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, India, Brazil, Canada, and sold though the Coyote Moon Publishing eStore. We now distribute your book through retail and online bookstores, libraries, schools, and acadamic institutions. Most publishers pay only 6% book revenue and a few pay 10% of book revenue on sales, but I pay out a whopping 25% of book revenue earned from the sale of your on-demand book or eBook each month via PayPal.

Coyote Moon Publishing will also take that printed book and convert the book to the Kindle Edition.This is a free service of Coyote Moon Publishing. Many publishers charge the author $69 for this conversion from a printed book to a Kindle Edition.I do it for FREE.

If you have dreamed of being a published author, whether it is a book of short stories, a novel, or a book about your life and experiences, now is the time to fulfill that dream with the help of Coyote Moon Publishing.

For more information, contact Dr. Dave at

I just wanted to thank you for all of your guidance and for doing all the hard work that you have done with helping me in publishing my book. It has been a joy to work with you and I would absolutely recommend you and your wife to anyone who is new to this. I hope to keep in touch and I wanted to know if your would mind if I added some of your links to my webpage. (It will be up next week sometime). Thanks again for all your help, your communication and your professional services. :)
Rona Wohlfeil, Published Author

I would like to thank Coyote Moon Publishing for helping me out in editing my manuscript and making it into a final industry format and sending it for publication. Just like anyone else, I was still new to book publishing and thanks to Dr.Dave and Dr. Sharon for introducing the Coyote Moon Book Publishing service, it's truly a dream come true for anyone who desire to publish their work into a final product book. What's even great about this book publishing service, they take care of all the manuscript editing work and even the cover designing. You don't have to worry about anything since its being taken care by the professionals that have published more than 27 books. It was a pleasant experience working with them on my book " Ghost Research Manual " and they truly understand what I want and how I want the final book to be. The price is very affordable and it's impossible to find any cheaper solution than Coyote Moon Publishing. I recommend Coyote Moon Publishing service for everyone. Whether if you are a rising book writer or a seasoned professional book writer, look no further than Coyote Moon Publishing for your publishing and editing service needs.
Founder of Malaysian Paranormal Research
Member of The International Ghost Hunters Society

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