Dimension Discontinuity

Stargate Energy Portal
Dave Oester

Example of an Energy Portal
Kinder Cem, Deer Island, OR

Superstition play a major role in how people perceived cemeteries. Cemeteries were held to be the doorways for the dead to leave this earth. Later, ghost hunters declared cemeteries were not a part of any emotional or traumatic experience for the deceased, therefore, cemeteries would have no ghosts. This belief persisted and old castles and spooky looking mansions became the focus for haunted sites.

Dave and Sharon discovered that cemeteries were very active with the spirits of the dead. Based on photographic evidences, a new theory was proposed that essentially stated that many old cemeteries were like train stations and that inbound and outbound passenger trains discharged their passengers at these stations for local area destinations. The analogy of the train station is simply but the mechanism that enables this transfer to happen is very complicated and may involved hyperdiminsional physics, wormholes and dimensional discontinui ty.

In the Illwaco Cemetery, Sharon apparently stood within one of these energy portals because she felt the energy being drained from her. She felt like she was sinking into the earth. She had to quickly depart the immediate area before she felt her energy levels returning to normal. Since that time, many other IGHS members have reported similar events to us.

In the Deer Island cemetery, this beam of blue light with three orbs within it offers the first evidence of a portal. This is the first time that ghost researchers have documented the Portal Theory with photographic evidence. Sharon and I have been able to provide much of the photo evidences necessary to correlate and document this existing theory and to prove that cemeteries are full of life, that is life after death and not the dead spots suggested by most non-IGHS ghost hunters.

The IGHS is more than just a research organization, but a club made up of family members, from ghost hunters, to ghost researchers, to ghost believers, we all have one thing in common. We all want to learn more about life after life and what lies beyond the grave. When we all share in our knowledge, we gain the same synergic energy to create more than just ourselves and contribute to the collective good of others.

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