Children's Imaginary Friends

Imagination or Reality?

Jerry Decker of Mesquite, Texas wrote to us and said that years ago he looked into and found evidence that the pineal gland, when gorged with oxygen rich blood, is sensitized and can apparently perceive other frequencies that are not visible.

A child's skull does not really harden up until about 8-10 years of age which means the brain is continually bathed in oxygen rich blood. This includes the pineal which seems to breathe as the blood flows in and out of it.

Dave Oester writes, "It appears that children are thus naturally sensitive to the pineal stimulation and can perceive what we would call the imaginary friends. Between pressure from the parents and other older folks, telling the kids that they are imagining their friends and the natural growing together of the skull bones, the child eventually loses the ability to perceive these other frequencies."

My Brother's Imaginary Friend by an IGHS member

I am about 24 years old and I have a three year old little brother named Paul, who lives with my step mother. About 4 months ago he started playing with an imaginary friend (so we thought) he kept calling Baby Michael! We thought it was real cute until weird things started happening. He had a old wooden rocking horse that would rock by it self and we would ask who was rocking it and Paul would say Baby Michael.

One day My step-mother was babysitting a friends little girl around the same age both children had fallen asleep on the couch. When the little girls father came to pick her up he came through the front door and nothing was in the way of the entry. After he picked her up and went to leave the little rocking horse was moved in front of the door. Paul all the sudden woke up and said Baby Michael doesn't want Kate to leave.

I though this was someway to scare me. But a couple of days before Easter We had all the children together to colour Easter eggs. They were all playing in Paul's Bedroom when I heard them talking to Baby Michael. Just curious to see what they were doing I peeped in to the room.

Standing there in the middle of the room was Kate with her hand stretched out as to grab a book. The book was dangling mid-air. The book dropped and I went to pick it up and all the sudden I felt it go flying out of my hand to across the room. I went running into the living room where everyone else was I was in such a state of shock. My step-mother ask Paul what happened, he replied "Baby Michael wanted the book."

We have noticed that the man who line next door has two hospital beds in an old garden shed. When the shed is open seems to be the times that Baby Michael appears and when it is closed Paul says he is at home.

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