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Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water, and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals that had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor.

Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together. M. A. Preston

    Daddy's Shadow Gill 1982-1996:
Shadow was a tiny little pocket sized Yorkshire terrier that we got when she was six weeks old. She adored my husband Jim, who took her everywhere he went, in his pocket. She was a bundle of unconditional love, full of spirit and fun. When my husband died, she transferred all her love to me and we shared another eight years together. Shadow died at the age of 14 in Warren, Oregon while Dave and I held her. I felt her spirit leave her tiny body; a quick cool burst of air filtered through my hands when she passed. She wasn't just a dog, Shadow helped me survive the most difficult time of my life like the little angel that she was. She has returned many times over the years and I was blessed to see her full-bodied apparition. She was letting me know she is whole and happy on the other side. Dave has felt her pulling at his pant legs, just as she did in life. He has felt her jumping up to the bed, and we recorded her bark during one of our investigations. The bond of love between us doesn't die in physical death and Shadow has shown this to be true.
Sharon Gill Oester
    Tonya 1997-2007:
My Name is Clyde A Hall. I live in Finksburg Maryland for the past 5 years, Tonya was born Dec 9, 1997 in Nevada City, CA. My wife, Nancy, passed on in 2002 and at the time we lived in Las Vegas NV. We were together for 52 years. Tonya at this time helped to fill this loss, she grew very close to me and helped in her way. As dogs can be, I was very proud of her I could not ask for a better companion. Everyone that meet her loved her, she was a lady, She will be missed. She was Family. Tonya passed on July 25, 2007.
    Star 1991-2007:
We had our dog Star for 16 years. to the month and had to have him put to sleep this past June. He loved being around people, and was constantly underfoot being nosey, and trying to be right in on the action. He is a part of our family and is missed. We find ourselves looking in parts of the house where we could usually find him, expecting him to be there. Perhaps we will actually see him around the house one day. About 4 days after he had passed, my wife Ellen woke up and said she had been dreaming about Star. In the dream he was in our bedroom. She was standing over him remarking to me in her dream that "he is still alive". At the same time, while lying in bed, she felt her elbow get nudged. Star used to do that to get you up in the morning when he felt it was time for you to get up. We hope he visits as much as he likes.

Penny 1998-2007
She was really our daughter. Not just a dog. She was loved by all that met her. She was loving, mothering, attentive, watchful. Bright, active, and a real outdoorsy dog that would hunt her own food when put on one of her many diets. She had diabetes and was on insulin twice a day but that did not stop her; she was still there with us, in the middle of everything. She contracted glaucoma from the diabetes and went blind. To save her, reduce the pressure that medication could not control, and avoid ending her life we elected for eye surgery and forever lost her brown button eyes that sparkled with life. Yet even this did not slow her down. She healed and continued on, until January 23, 2006, when despite the insulin, despite our care, she went into diabetic seizure and fell into a coma that she never woke from. She died, but I know that even death has not stopped her. We know she's still here in some form, but we still miss her terribly.


Nicky 1998-2007
This is my dog Nicky who was my companion for 9 years. She was a female German Shepherd mix and I adopted her from the Humane Society here in St Louis Missouri. She was a beautiful and wonderful dog right up until the day she passed away in my house. I miss her so much, she was sweet and a great guard dog. She was loving, and smart and everyone who met her loved her too. I am still devastated because of her passing and I am not sure if I will adopt another dog or not. Maybe later on. Thank You very much for the Pet Memorial. I have been subscribing to your newsletter for some years now and have learned so much. I hope you will post this for me. Thank You very much.
Linda Zerr


Toby 1988-2004
Toby was my baby. I purchased him in the fall of 1988. I had moved out of state to attend school and wanted a companion. He became my family and I loved him dearly. Toby passed November 2004 at 16 years old. He is greatly missed and I think of him daily. I hope I do get to see him when I pass because I really do love and miss him.


Lil' Ole Lady and Buddy 1995-1997
Hello, my name is Dawn and these were my brothers pets. I had bought them from a feed store (1995) here in Plant City, Florida when they were just old enough to walk. My brother had lost the first two ducks when the neighbors dog got loose and chewed them up something bad. It broke his heart when he found out the dog got into our yard. So these two he named the female Lil' Ole Lady because she couldn't get around very well when her legs got bad on her. The male with the curled up tail feather next to the pool was name Buddy. These two were not only my brothers pets but pals. He'd play for hours with them both or when Lil' Ole Lady couldn't she'd stop and Buddy and him would keep on. Interesting story on Buddy he lost his friend when my brother passed away in 1997. That duck stayed sad for almost two months. He wouldn't eat, play or sleep he lost his friend HIS buddy didn't come home. It wasn't long after that he didn't live either. I miss my brother and I miss these ducks. But I know they're both playing with my brother on the other side.


Slightest Doubt 1981-2002
Slightest Doubt was a 1981 registered Thoroughbred mare by Sabre Charge by Royal Charger, out of Undoubtedly by Silver Noor. She was also an approved Canadian Sporthorse, and a premium International Sporthorse Registery, main mare book broodmare. She had 4 Oldenburg babies, one filly which as scored at 7.5 and premium and three colts scored at 7.5,7.5 and 7.0 and not premium. She was foaled, trained in hunter/jumpers, dressage and eventing, and died in Washington State. She never raced. She had 5 major Thoroughbred jumping lines in her pedigree. These lines were The Tetrarch, Nashrulla/Nearco, Rock Sand, Teddy. Bay Ronald who sired Dark Ronald was foundation breeding stock for the modern day Hannoverian. Please see her full pedigree at She passed on November 2002.


Winnie 1992-2007
Hello, my name is Christine Lewin and I live in Western Pennsylvania. I just lost my beloved Winnie on August 10th. She was 5 days short of her 15th birthday. I knew her time was close, but I also knew that there was nothing I could do to change it. Winnie had had some health issues, and over the last year I watched as her body slowed and she became frail. When I discovered she was deaf, it just about broke my heart. Amazingly, my precious girl never lost her spirit! She still loved to play with a piece of string if it was offered to her, and she always greeted me with a friendly purr sound when I walked into the room. I donít think she suffered in the end. She just decided it was time to go to sleep. Although I will miss her terribly, I realize how blessed I was to have had her friendship for so many years! She brought a lot of love and joy to my life. It makes me so happy to know that Winnie can again hear the birds singing. You were such a good girl, Winnie, and I will always love you!


Tayo 2005-2007
We adopted Tayo in early 2006. He was already 10 months old, and already very attached to me. A friend's brother had decided to leave home, and was not allowed to keep pets where he had decided to live, so he passed Tayo on to me. Tayo was at first a bit of a handful - well, actually, he was all of the time - but I never grudged him for waking me up early with a bite on the nose or a scratch at the door. We lost him to a snakebite in late October 2006, but I never really missed him, because every now and then, the screen door will shake like it did when he was climbing it, or I'll see a flash of a tail go past the fridge. My mum's friend's dog once started barking at the spot on my bed where Tayo used to sleep, and then ran away; Tayo was gutsy, for a cat, both in life and beyond.


Poudah 1991 -2006
The day after she died I had her cremated so I could take her ashes with me. At about the time she was cremated I was in my office at work feeling very sad. When all of a sudden, I smelled Poudah. She had a good and different dog smell. Then I felt her go through me. Right through my heart, and I heard a voice that I knew was hers and she said ďIm OKĒ and I knew she was OK and with her Dog Husband Brit who passed 6 months before. She also loved when I would tell her stories and talk to her in normal English. She understood me completely and I believe she talked back to me when I was quiet and still, and not distracted with everyday life, and she was loud and clear. She would look at me and pet my face with her little paw as if to say I understand and love that you are taking this time to talk with me and I love you. I have never seen a dog pet their human so gently on the face as she did. Poudah had a grand and wonderful sense of humor. She was a comedian right up to the last day. Most of my deep belly laughs over the decade and a half came from something that she would do, and I am so happy for that experience. She was a gift from God. She saved my life many years ago and I am forever grateful and in her debt.


Sir Lance a Lot 1988-1998
Here is a photo of my Sir Lance a lot. He was a pedatric aids companion dog went every Friday to the children hospital. He was a rescue like Misty. Micky Dolenz of the Monkees took this photo :) in 1997. I hear him above my head in early dawn usually when I'm very ill. He snorted and lays on his back above my head. Misty sees him I think she wags her tail and tries to play with him.


Constance Monday Kisses 2001-2007
Connie, was the sweetest, most lovable big dog that I have ever had in my life. When she was healthy, she weighed 150 pounds, and was the love of my life, next to my daughter, and to my husband Robert. She and I had been through a lot together in life. Parvo at the age of 7 months, when I almost lost her, she was stolen out of my house, and I had to pay to have her back. She contracted and infection in the joint of her leg, and liked to have never healed, and then about a month ago, she contracted Canine Erlichiosis, which caused her to bleed out of the nose, and i just couldn't get it to stop. She lost a lot of weight, and several blood transfusions didn't even help her, and i had to have her put to sleep. I miss her badly, and hope that she is doing well at the Rainbow Bridge, and that i will see her soon. To God, time is just a blink of an eye. Thank you for posting her photo. It means more to me than you will ever know.


Sugar 1993-2005
She was born and raised in Kansas. She loved traveling, by plan or by car it didnít matter. She was 12 y/o when she passed.


Abby 1999-2007
My name is Donna Boyce. Today, October 16, 2007, I said goodbye to Abby. She came to me as a stray in 1999, so I am not sure exactly how old she was, but I do know that she was a faithful friend to me for many years. Two weeks ago, she became ill. The veterinarian prescribed medication, but Abby continued to get worse. There was nothing more they could do. I had to make the painful decision to put her to sleep. I will miss her so much. When I think back and remember that hungry little cat that showed up on my doorstep, I think about how lucky she was to have found meÖbut the truth is, I was lucky to have found her.


Peanut 2001-2007
Peanut was very special. I had never had a dog love me as much as she did. When she would look at me you could see in her eyes the love she had for me. Her favorite things where going for walks, rides in the car and getting inside my jacket with her little head sticking out the front when she was cold. She would have followed me through hell because she just loved being with me. She died in my arms after being attacked by a Pit-Bull on our last walk together on 08.13.07. I felt so helpless as my little girl look at me as she slipped away. I have never had anything hurt me as much as that. To those who read this please remind people to be responsible for themselves and there animals. I do not blame the Pit-bull for taking my little Peanut but I do blame it's owner for not being able to control there animal and not being responsible.


John's Ebony Jake (J.J.) 1994-2007
We lost our beloved J.J. to cancer last March and our home has had a void in it ever since. We have had pets all our lives, but J.J. was the sweetest and most gentle of them all. He loved everyone and every creature he came in contact with. We had him for 13 wonderful years and miss his enthusiastic greetings he had for us whether we were arriving home or just getting out of bed in the morning. He had that ability that all pets have to sense when you were having a bad day or just needed a nudge with his wet nose. He will forever be in our hearts and we look forward to the day that we will be with him again. Love you, J.J


Samantha Jane (Dancer) 1995-2006
I have been blessed with you in my life you for over 10 years, it has been one year since you left. The pain you endured so bravely, I could not tell. I am sorry. I would give everything in my life to spend the time with you that you deserved. I failed to show you when you were here but, I will never fail your memory. You touched those who cared for you in a deep spiritual way. You are missed so very much. Fly free my friend.


Fritz Cory 1994-2005
My name is Nick Cory and I am from Missouri. Fritz Cory was my first companion and was full of life and attitude. I had Frity by my side for 11 beautiful years. He loved to go fishing and run at the park. His lovely girlfriend was Oreo Cory. They loved to play in our backyard. Miss you bubby love you much! 6-26-05.


Oreo Cory 1993-2007
My name is Nick Cory we live in Joplin, MO. We had Oreo for 14 wonderful years. She loved to run through the green grass in our backyard and she loved her boyfriend Fritzy. She was a very happy go lucky dog with not a care in the world. We love and will miss your physical presence, but we know you are still here with us! 11-27-07.


LORD NELSON 1994-2007
One of the hardest decisions we had to make came on Sept. 11th 2007 to let our own Lord Nelson go. Itís always difficult to release a pet, especially one that had been so good through the years. Nelson had been plagued with diabetes for years and took his insulin shots twice a day with no complaints. He was a good companion and never asked for anything except food and a warm touch. Our whole family still misses him terribly, but we have a lot of good memories and photos stretching back through the years. Nelson was even a good dog to the vets, so much so that the internal medicine specialist made a donation to Texas A&M Veterinary under his name shortly after he passed. A lot of humans out there could learn from our dogs, and Nelson was no exception.


Charlie 1982-2007
My name Harvey Hiebert of Waterloo Ontario. My Charlie had passed away in August 2007 at age of 25. He was good friend to me for many years and enjoyed the each others company. Charlie had been very close to me and always knew when I could use a friend. I got him in 1982 when he was about a year old. There was a lot of things we learned from each other and will be sadly missed.


Beverly 1995-2007
We adopted Beverly from the local humane society in June of 1996, when she was approximately one year old. She was my first (and so far only) dog, and she was such a sweetheart! Not a mean bone in her body, she was my companion, my baby girl for eleven years. This past April, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and my Beverly began to have heart failure. It was a long summer of chemotherapy and hospital stays, but she remained patient, waiting for me to come home every night and snuggle with me when I went to bed. The day after we had a consult at a cancer hospital to learn my husband had to have two major surgeries, I took Beverly to the vet because her cough that I thought was heart related had been getting more persistent. She was diagnosed with lung cancer on Aug. 16th. She still had decent health Ė no visible issues or painful symptoms, and the vet stated her heart problem would probably get to her before the cancer, and she was given steroids to stem the tumor growth. On Sunday, Aug. 19th, in the span of the half an hour she was alone, she had a heart attack and passed. I know thatís the way she wanted it, and she spared me the pain of watching her health deteriorate in addition to dealing with my husbandís long recovery. I miss her SO MUCH!! RIP BevÖNEVER FORGOTTEN.

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