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The Truth About Parallel Dimensions

Do you believe in parallel dimensions? Parallel worlds that sometimes overlap into our world? Have you ever wondered if a ghost was really an inhabitant from another dimension overlapping into our dimension? Our newest release, Parallel Dimensions, will address these questions and provide some direction in understanding why we believe that parallel dimensions exist with examples. This is a PDF booklet with comments on Parallel Dimensions by such scientists as Dr. Max Tegmark, Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf and Alfred Ballabene. Learn about superstrings, black holes and parallel dimensions. View photographs that we believe are from a parallel dimension. This sixty page booklet can be viewed on Mac or PC computers and can be printed out for a hard copy.

Read about our our own personal experiences with dimensional shifts. We believe when the proper geomagnetic conditions are right, the overlapping of parallel dimensions occur in our realm.

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