Photos of Parallel Dimensions

Dimensional Shift Emily's Haunted Bridge Doorway to the Past
Dimensional Doorway Dimensional Soldiers Focus Phenomena

Parallel dimensions is one of the topics in our new book, Magic Dimensions: Personal Transformation Through Magic, Miracles and Quantum Mechanics. When we talk about parallel dimensions we are not speaking of an exact duplicate, but of near duplicate dimensions. For example, I have brown hair in this dimension so in other parallel dimensions my hair might be tan, black, blond. If I am right handed here, other dimensions I may be left handed. Near duplicate, but not exactly the same. The above photos suggest that these the dimensions may overlap into our dimensions much the same way as the spirit dimension will overlap into this dimension at peak geomagnetic conditions.

While this is speculation, the photographic evidence seems to point to this conclusion. The duplicates you see in the photos are not a result of double exposure or image manipulation. Scientists have now confirmed the existence of at least eleven other dimensions. We have taught that the spirits of the dead exist within their own dimension that is the nearest to ours. Accounts of spirits or ghosts walking through walls instead of the doorway perhaps is because in their dimension, the wall is a hallway or doorway, but in our dimension it is a wall. Spirits tend to create the reality they live within which often overlaps into our dimension.

The photo called Doorway to the Past seems to suggest that other dimensions are not in the same time frame as we exist within. In those photos, the people seem to be existing in the late 1760s while the photographer was modern day. It is our opinion that these photos are of the overlapping of our dimension and another dimension, some in the past, some present and others in the future. This is good food for thought as we attempt to understand the universe we live in and of limitless other dimensions yet before us.

Dave Oester, Ph.D.

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