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Once upon a time, way back in 1996, there were no active ghost hunters on the Internet. A few web sites posted some stale photos of ghostly anomalies, but there existed no web site dedicated to teaching people about ghosts and the art of ghost hunting. I know because I searched the Internet for other ghost hunting web sites and found none. I used Search Engines without success. I found one web site where the ghost hunter called himself the Premier Ghost Hunter, but his site was stale, meaning he did not post to his site in about a year his site averaged about 1,000 hits a year. His ego was apparently in need of inflating to use the term Premier, but hey, not every one has a good self image of themselves.

We discovered there were ghost hunting clubs, but none had web sites back in 1996. We were the first to set up a web site dedicated to teaching others about ghost hunting, without relying upon psychics or mediums, which we consider to be unreliable at best. We decided to base our teachings by taking the scientific approach to ghost hunting. We relied upon electronic tools that provided us with changes in the physical environment.

Since our early beginnings when we achieved over 2,000 hits the first month, we knew we have found the key to teaching others about ghosts. We got as many visitors to our site in the first month as the "Premier" ghost hunter go over a two year period. Today, we average about 3,000 hits a day to

We discovered along the way that most ghost hunters relied upon the traditional approach to ghost hunting that achieved about a 10% success in documenting paranormal activities. We teach an approach that achieves over 90% success because we have discovered secrets along the way and from our field investigations that we shared with those who visit our web site.

As professional photographers, we had amassed over 10,000 print and slide inventory before we developed techniques designed for ghost photography. While it is true that any one call pick up a camera and snapped photos of dust orbs and call them spirit orbs, the sad truth is that these photographers did not grasp some elementary foundations used in photography. Anyone can pick up a camera and snap photos, but it takes an expert to understand what appears in the photos that novices confused with ghost orbs.

As a result of so much confusion and misunderstanding, we produced the Photo Analysis CD several years ago to display the differences between rain drops, tree and grass pollen, dust particles, mist, fog, smoke and other natural environmental anomalies as compared to the real stuff, the spirit orb, vortices and orbs in motion. We also wrote the Digital Ghost Photography Handbook to aid new beginners, both as a PDF download and as a thermal bound Booklet.

We have found the best evidence for the existence of ghosts to come from recording their voices. Airborne dust particles have no effect on ghost voices. The ghost voices will be filled with the human emotions from beyond the grave. Any kind of recorder will function for this task. We provided a simply How To Article on EVP recordings and we also wrote and published the more comprehensive booklet called, How to Record and Analyze Ghost Voices, which is also available as a PDF download. Prior to our publications, there were no definitive work on this subject by anyone else. Since the release of How to Record and Analyze Ghost Voices, other groups have jumped onto the bandwagon with their own version, but as always, it was after we had led the way.

We do not use psyhics and mediums, as most of them are just wannabe's seeking glory and fame. Over the past fourteen years, we have a few who are actually good at it, but we have found hundreds who claim they have the ability and yet their results failed to prove their claim. Many of these pschics and mediums are only out to sell their snakeoil portions, or trying to become the next John Edwards. Television producers are the most guilable of all profession. They use anybody they can to represent the other side to ghost hunting, even people who simply claim to be mediums or psychics. I have watched these so called experts and their theories are so outlandish that even first graders would smile and ask them to prove it.

The modern day ghost hunter has all the tools available to conduct a field investigation. All the tools, except the knowledge of what he or she is finding. It is one thing to snap a few hundred photos, or to use a thermal scanner and find cold spots, but what does this tell them? They have no idea why the cold spot is found, they have no idea why ghosts are earth bound and worst of all, they think that a few holy words will exorcise ghosts simply because a home owner is afraid of them. The serious ghost hunter needs a foundation of knowledge, beyond just the tools of the trade. Our Home Study Course leading to our certification as a ghost hunter will enable that ghost hunter now to opearte in the 90% range, instead of the 10% range when it come sto ghost hunting.

Dr. Dave Oester

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