The fundamental nature of reality is based on our perception of that reality. We judge our environment based on our understanding of this reality. Our five senses shape this reality; sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. If we can't see, touch or hear an event we usually disregard it as non-real.

The esoteric view suggests that the universe is nothing more than energy in a specific relationship and at a specific vibrational frequency. This esoteric view of reality is the essence of our basis for understanding the metaphysics of the spirit realm. During life, a person exhibits behavior characteristics, such as personality, intelligence and emotions.

As we cross the threshold of death, the newly departed spirit retains their prior human characteristics and is not just a disenbobied spirit without a personality, intelligence or emotions. If this departed spirit was happy in life, they will be happy as a departed spirit. Conversely, if they were angry in life, they will retain this disposition in death and act in the same manner.

What I am suggesting is that a departed spirit is not simply a disenbodied spirit lacking human qualities. This disenbodied spirit is not an "it," but a transformed or evolved life form that for reasons unknown to the vast majority of the population has chosen to remain behind in this earth plane as a ghost. We, as ghost hunters, suggest typical reasons why a spirit remains earthbound, but do we really know or understand. How can we understand their reasons if we fail to comprehend the totality of this amazing and wonderful transformation process?

We know that the religious community would consider this essence of our former selves as our souls. Our souls represent the spiritual essence of our physical life. What if our souls become the evolved human spirits we call ghosts? So why is this important? Ghost hunters should be paranormal counselors, not ghost busters. The term ghost buster refers to a person who performs ghost removal, without regards or concerns for the spirit or spirits. This is paramount to judging these ghosts as evil and it is your task to rid this land of evil. This self-righteous attitude is the same disposition that the Europeans had when they arrived in this land and thought it was their god given right to rid the land of Indians. Unfortunately, these Europeans felt the Indians were savages and heathens and deserved to be dead. Sadly, the Native Americans were the victims of the white man's lack of cultural understanding.

As ghost hunters, our paradigm of reality must shift to encompass the spirit realm if we are to be effective counselors and not merely investigators. Remember, investigators must be more than researchers, but counselors who help people resolve their fear of the unknown.

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