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Mayan 2012 Prophecy
Dr. Dave Oester

Many people are worried about the Mayan prophecy about the end of the world on December 12, 2012. This is the same kind of fear the media pushed before Y2K. Even the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith told his apostles in 1835 that he had talked to God and was told Jesus would return in 56 years. Today fundamental religious leaders like Pat Robinson told his followers in 1974 that the end times were here and Jesus was returning then as approaching Y2K Jerry Falwell told their followers that Jesus was returning. However, as we all know they are still waiting. I would like to share an article I found on FoxNews about this approaching event found at

Whether or not 2012 will bring cataclysmic volcanism or a great flood, it has undeniably brought a flood of books. New Age and doomsday authors have been cranking out 2012-themed books at an amazing pace over the past few years; there are literally thousands of such titles in print. (Dr. Dave’s Note: Many more doomsday books are on the way to be published in 2013. Yea that is right, their doomsday books will be published after they said the world will end. Interesting, it is all about selling their books.)

While many authors and 2012 "experts" are playing up the doomsday scenario, others believe that the year will bring not disaster but a new era of global harmony (as in what did not happen with the so-called Harmonic Convergence in 1987). It seems that anyone with access to a keyboard and an opinion on 2012 (or prophecy in general) is trying to cash in.

Mayan myth: In fact, the link between global catastrophe and Mayan calendar -based prophecy is largely fiction. Ads for "2012" begin with the phrase, "The Mayans warned us," though of course the Mayans did not "warn" anyone — they simply had a calendar system that happens to "end" in 2012, much as the way the Gregorian calendar on my office wall "ends" on Dec. 31.

The Mayans never said the world would end that year, and modern Mayans have shown irritation with how their culture has been co-opted into pop culture notions and Hollywood blockbuster film promotions. John Major Jenkins, a Maya scholar and author of "The 2012 Story," notes that "when the 2012 bug started to bite the mainstream press and many more books started to appear, authors and the media were pulling the 2012 topic in predictably weird directions."

The 2012 link to the Maya is not a hoax; their calendar does in fact conclude in that year. Just what that means — if anything — is the question. Of course, the Mayans were only one of dozens of major civilizations, and there is no particular reason to assume that the Mayan calendar is any more cosmically significant or valid than any of hundreds of other calendar systems used throughout history.

So why this focus on the Mayans? Part of the reason the New Age crowd has embraced the Mayan calendar (instead of, say, the Hindu calendar) is that the Mayans fit perfectly into their ideas about the ancient wisdom of the "noble savage." Belief that ancient civilizations (such as the Mayans and Egyptians) were far more advanced than often claimed permeates New Age thought, and the idea that Mayan mystics somehow knew of the world's end millennia ago is very appealing. (End of article.)

I have studied the Mayan prophecy concerning 2012 and discovered that there was no prophecy, no warning of future destruction. All we know for a fact is that at the end of 2012 the current Mayan calendar stops, that is all. Just as there are over 30,000 different Christian sects teaching different doctrines, so too there are many Mayan sects that had events calendared beyond December 12, 2012 so they did not fear December 12, 2012. The truth is that the calendar ended in December 12, 2012, after displaying a history of over 5,000 years and a new calendar is needed, but the Mayan culture did not survive long enough to create it.

The doomsday warning is a modern day promotion, probably to promote sales of more doomsday books just like promoted at the close of 1999. Remember it was theY2K planetary alignment that was suppose to trigger massive destruction, but his never happened. Again New Age mumbo jumbo that again failed to materialized. I suspect fundamental religious leaders will start telling their followers that Jesus is coming once again at the close of the Mayan calendar. 

There has been thousands of failed prophecies about the end of the earth, take a few moments and review the massive listing of failed prophecies at . This list reminds me of the story of Chicken Little who went around telling people the sky is falling, only in this case, Chicken Little is making money on other people’s fear and dread of the future. Do not fear and do not dread the future, but live each day one at a time and the future will soon be the day you are living.

In May of this year, the National Geographic Society sponsored an archeological expedition to Guatemala where earlier calendars were discovered that extends for thousands of years into the future, so December 21, 2012 is not the end, just the end of that one calendar.

“In Guatemala, never-before-seen Mayan artwork is discovered: In a striking find, archaeologists in Guatemala report the discovery of a small building whose walls display not only a stunningly preserved mural of a brightly adorned Mayan king, but also calendars that destroy any notion that the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012. The project was supported by the National Geographic Society.”

“Before the new find, the best-preserved Mayan calendars were inscribed in bark-paged books called codices, the most famous being the Dresden Codex. But those pages hail from several hundred years later than the newly found calendars.”

Wow, imagine a calendar that predates the calendar that says the world ends in December 21, 2012 by several hundred years. The earlier calendars span into the future for thousands of years, way beyond the December 21, 2012 demise predicted by the New Agers. Read the full story at the Washington Post at

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