Lens Flare

This is an example of taking a photograph with the sun in front of you. Often lens flare will be noticed on the print. These two photos are typical examples of lens flare. Notice that the first photo shows the flare as six-sided. The second photo shows globes within globes. The six-sided figure and the globes within globes are cause by the direct sunlight hitting the camera lens and refracting inside the lens of the camera.

Photographs with globes captured on film that were taken at night can not be caused by lens flare since there is no direct sunlight or other bright source of light to cause this event.

What does all this mean? First when you check your photograph, look for the location of the sun by looking for the shadows. If the sun appears to be directly in front of the photographer, the anomalies may well be lens flare if it matches the examples above.

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