Smoking Gun Proof!

The above four photos are often explained away by skeptics as camera straps and not as vortices as claimed by IGHS. Prior to the following remarkable photos, this debate was simply a difference of opinion. Now we have the proof, the smoking gun proof that these vortices are vortices and not straps. Notice the two photos submitted by PA IGHS member Joyce Burdick.

What is this smoking gun proof? We now have for the first time proof of what is causing the tread patterns found in the vortices. Notice the orb that is in motion and is leaving a ripple effect in the ectoplasmic vapor trail. This is the important aspect -- Compare this ripple effect with the first four vortices and notice the same ripple effect in the vortices. Skeptics can no longer claim that these vortices are straps because of their misinterpretation of the tread patterns. The Ripple Effect is very common and many vortices have this anomalous condition.

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