What You'll Need to Make the Best Halloween Costume Ever

The first rule of making a good Halloween costume is to pay attention to the details. Make sure you remember historically accurate or otherwise appropriate makeup, any jewelry you'll need, and accessories. Jewelry made of real metal with rhinestones will look more real than plastic beads and gems. Head scarves, purses, eye patches, belts, and other accessories are all important to the authenticity of your costume. Most halloween costume stores should have the things you'll need, though stopping by a vintage or used clothing store is not a bad idea, especially if you plan on altering the costume yourself. Shoes are another important costume component. The right shoes can take an outfit from decent to perfect. Get used shoes if you plan to party hard, so you don't ruin anything expensive or nice. Make sure they match your costume and don't have a large heel if you plan to walk a lot.

Costume fit is another important aspect of your costume. You don't want to wear anything that makes you uncomfortable in its fit, so buy your costume early and you can take it in or out as needed. Buying early is also important so you can get your size and return the costume if it's awful. If your costume has a raw edge, carefully cut it yourself if you need to shorten it. If not, get it hemmed by a professional.

High-quality materials make your Halloween costume look really authentic. Real leather or suede are important for shoes, belts, and jewelry. Try to get thick, well-made fabric for your costume. This makes the clothing drape better on your body and means it is less likely to unravel.

If you're planning on making your costume yourself, make sure you've collected the right materials and have good instructions. This can mean the difference between something that looks thrown together or sloppy and something charmingly homemade.

"Source: PureCostumes.com"

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