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Ghost Town Silver Wrapped Porcelain Necklace with Fresh Water Pearl and Crystals -- $25

  • Certificate of Authenticity:
    All Ghost Town Glass Pendants come with an IGHS Certificate of Authenticity stating that the glass/porcelain came from a haunted ghost town and found on private land, not on Federal or State land and does not violate any Antiquity Laws.
  • "Glass and Porcelain Pendants Necklaces:
    All Ghost Town Pendants are one of a kind, once the pendant is sold the photo will be removed and replaced with a new pendant of different size and color.
  • All Chains:
    18-inch Silver Plated
  • Shipping:
    We ship all orders First Class Mail.
  • Unique Pieces:
    Each photo represents an unique and singular creation. No two pieces of ghost town glass or porcelain pendants are identical. Each piece is different in size, color and shape. Please select the color of the Ghost Town Glass or design pattern in the Porcelain Pendant. Each piece is silver wire wrapped. Actual color of jewelry pieces may vary from their photos. Milk Glass is rare and difficult to find and represents an era long past.

Samples of Broken Glass found at Ghost Towns


The ghost towns of Columbus and Candelaria, Nevada and Congress and Octave, Arizona were hot spots for gold and silver mining. When gold was discovered, mining towns were started over night and grew to several thousand people, mostly miners, but along with the miners came those who got rich off of the miners. The saloon and brothels lined the dirt streets, each beckoning to the miners to spend their money. These early buildings were made of stone and with canvas roofs. Behind the saloons the empty spirit bottles were smashed, left as refuse. Drinking hard spirits made the miners forget the harsh desert weather, blazing hot or the chilly winds that cut to the bone. Miners would discard their empty whiskey bottles or broken porcelain plates out behind their homes. These broken glass refuse sites survived the weather and wind for a hundred years, until we discovered them.

Today, Sharon and I roam around these old mining town sites recording EVP, or ghost voices with our digital recorders. All that remain are a few stone foundations and walls, and the scattered debris of rusted cans and smashed glass bottles. It is here that we record the ghost voices from the past, as these ghostly miners still hunt for their precious yellow metal known as gold.

We have picked up broken shards of glass and tumbled them for a week to take off the rough edges. Sharon has silver wire wrapped the tumbled glass into beautiful colored glass pendants, a keepsake from real ghost towns of the Old West. Each pendant is unique and one of a kind. The size varies with each piece of shard. Sharon has also wire wrapped pieces of milk glass and porcelain pieces we found during our EVP investigation of these old ghost towns.

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