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International Ghost Hunters Society

Shadow People -- Black Ecto Apparitions in basement of abandoned school
Ghost Lights -- Gettysburg Iverson's Pit
Ecto -- Gettysburg Reynolds Woods

Augustine Towonsing

Malaysian Ghost Research 1
Malaysian Ghost Research 2

Steve and Tammy Kulis

The Lady in White at Spangler Springs and two possible Orbs in Motion
Gettysburg Wheatfield: Orb in Motion coming out of monument
Gettysburg Pickett's Charge: Ecto and Orb in Motion

TAPS Faked Prison Video for SciFi Ghost Hunters!

TAPS Prison Ghost video - Sneakers visible under black sheet.

Tom McMillen

Clearfield, PA House Investigation - Round Orb.


Stage Coach Tavern -- Two ghosts walk by on left side.

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