Ghosts of Gettysburg has over 40 of the most haunted battlefield sites and 10 of the most haunted hospital sites that readers can visit on this haunted battlefield.
Ghosts of Gettysburg has over 40 of the most haunted battlefield sites and 10 of the most haunted hospital sites that readers can visit on this haunted battlefield. This is a must-read for anyone visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield. Let Dave & Sharon show you the haunted sites of the Gettysburg Battlefield.


Ghosts of Gettysburg
Walking on Hallowed Ground

Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester

History / General
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Publication Date: May-2007
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Author: Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester
ISBN: 0-595-44684-1
256 Pages
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Ghosts of Gettysburg: Walking on Hallowed Groundd is a keep-you-up-all-night book from real life master ghost hunters Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester, cofounders of the International Ghost Hunters Society, the largest ghost research society on the Internet.

Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester spend their time traveling the back roads of America, investigating some of its most haunted places. Over a six year period, they explored and recorded the amazing ghostly experiences of visitors to the Gettysburg battlefield. One year they devoted a full month for battlefield investigations and drove over 1,000 miles on the battlefield gathering data for this book.

Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester were the first to hold ghost conferences in Gettysburg teaching about ghost photography and electronic voice phenomena known as EVP. Their annual ghost conferences started the ghost hunting movement in Gettysburg.

Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester has shared 40 of the most haunted sites on the battlefield, not according to folklore, but from their own personal investigations using scientific tools to validate the existence of ghosts. Each haunted site contains a short history of its part in this three day battle. Read about the 10 most haunted Civil War hospitals sites that can be visited by the reader.

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Rev. Colonel Bruce L. Cline, CPI, PhD said, "I purchased your book "Ghosts of Gettysburg: Walking on Hallowed Ground" and found it to be very interesting as well as informative. I have recommended your book to all members of the Little Egypt Ghost Society. I only wish I would have read your book before my trips to Gettysburg. I feel like I missed out on some really interesting things that I knew nothing of before reading your well written book."

Nancy Coplin said, "Ghosts of Gettysburg Walking on Hallowed Ground is a collection of 'keep you up all night' short stories and is without question one of the best ghost books I have ever read. Along with true ghost stories written by Dave and Sharon Oester, they have included eerie tales written and contributed by many guest authors; common folks who share with the reader ghostly experiences of their own. These stories will keep even a skeptic on the edge of their seat; stories of voices of the dead, strange ghostly visions, smells and the touch of ghostly hands from those who still continue to fight this raging battle from 1863 on the haunted battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. For anyone curious about ghost hunting and the actual science used behind the scene to conduct ghost investigations, Drs. Dave and Sharon share their insight of how to photograph ghosts and record ghost voices; proven successful methods they discovered many years ago and are now used by thousands. Also included are their do's and don'ts of staying safe, yet being successful during investigations. This is an absolute 'must have' book for anyone planning on visiting Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Look no further if you are wondering where to find a haunted hot spot on this hallowed ground because this book will also serve as a reference to guide you to haunted fields, Civil War Hospital Sites, monuments, Taverns, Bed and Breakfasts and includes many photographs. For the Civil War history enthusiast, this book includes both a significant and impressive amount of historical facts regarding the 3-day battle. If you are looking for a great collection of ghost stories, educational information on how to become a ghost hunter or are a history buff, Ghosts of Gettysburg Walking on Hallowed Ground has it all and is unlike any other ghost book I have and is truly a welcome addition to my collection."

Lorraine Scott said, "I just couldn't wait to tell you now exciting your new book is on Gettysburg. I especially enjoyed reading the stories of all the ghostly experiences. It truly is an up-all-night book."

Debbie Orr said, "Don't miss this book, filled with a history of the Battle of Gettysburg, as well as the history of the haunted battlefields in Gettysburg. This book is one that I found hard to put down. It is filled with names of the haunted sites in and around Gettysburg, and many personal experiences at these sites. I have been to Gettysburg myself, and plan to return. This well written and informational book just makes me want to get back that much sooner. I would highly recommend this book."

Richard Craze said, "Drs. Dave and Sharon have compiled fascinating anecdotal personal experiences (theirs as well as those of contributors) from one of this country's most hallowed grounds. They weave these events in a chronological order following the battle's three day progression, prefacing each day's confrontations with historical data. Further, they provide guidance for aspiring paranormal researchers according to established IGHS protocols. Where appropriate, they dismiss commonly held beliefs and misinterpretations of collected data based upon their vast knowledge and experiences. This book is not all inclusive, for the battle still rages on for many. Millions of people have visited Gettysburg and undoubtedly many more unexplained experiences are yet to be chronicled. Regardless, this book is a must for anyone interested in the psychic imprint that was left behind on those bloodied PA fields in July 1863. "

John Ammenheuser said, "My wife and I live in Thurmont, Maryland which is about 15 miles from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We have visted the Battlefield many times in the past 47 years. We have taken some Strange and Weird pictures there. This book has REALLY GOT ME THINKING about the Ghosts and Paranormal activity there. I have learned from this book about Ghost Sites that I never even thought about before. I would rate this book WAY ABOVE the 5 stars that "Amazon" allows. BUY THIS BOOK YOU WON"T BE SORRY !..IT IS GREAT ! Happy Ghost Hunting."

List of Chapters

Foreword by Harry Borger
In the Beginning
Battle of Gettysburg
Day One
  • Reynolds Woods
  • Iversonís Pits
  • Leeís Headquarters
  • Cashtown Inn
  • Hero of Gettysburg
Day Two
  • Devils Den
  • Slaughter Pen
  • Rose Woods
  • Triangular Field
  • Wheatfield
  • Sachs Covered Bridge
  • Spanglerís Springs
  • Culpís Hill
  • Pardee Field
  • Little Round Top Ė 20th Maine
  • Irish Brigade
  • Virginia Monument
Day Three
  • Seminary Ridge
  • East Cavalry Field
  • Pickettís Charge
  • Copse of Trees
  • The Gettysburg House
  • Farnsworth House
  • Pennsylvania Monument
  • Cemetery Ridge
  • Gettysburg College
Civil War Hospital Sites
  • Monfort Farm House
  • White Church
  • Herr Tavern
  • Black Horse Tavern
  • McPherson Farm
  • Trinity German Reformed Church
  • Gettysburg School
  • Lightner Farmhouse
Work Cited
Appendix A: Forty Haunted Battlefield Sites
Appendix B: Civil War Vocabulary
Appendix C: Making Civil War Hardtack
Appendix D: Army of the Potomac
Appendix E: Army of Northern Virginia
Appendix F: Lincolnís Gettysburg Address
Appendix G: How to Record Ghost Voices
Appendix H: Ghost Photography
Appendix I: Residual Haunting in Time
Appendix J: Standards and Protocols

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