Forgive and Forget

Many self-proclaimed experts suggest that ghosts and the spirits of the dead are two separate groups. The ghosts are cursed to roam the earth while the spirits go on to a higher level and does not roam the earth.

While we do not split hairs with the terminology employed, we do take a stand concerning the ideal of some that when a person dies and is met by a loved one they are taken to a higher level and do not return to earth again. This idea is not based on facts or steeped in reality.

A loved one who passes to the other side may move on to a higher level, but they can return at their will to visit their loved ones on the earth. It is important to note that if the person has unresolved issues or negative emotional baggage then they are unable to move on to a higher plane but must remain earth bound until they can let go of the negative trait that is anchoring them to this realm.

While here, the earth bound spirit may be considered a ghost or a spirit. The term ghost may simply be applied to any spirit that is earth bound, regardless of the reason. The important thing is not if they are a spirit or a ghost, but what we can do to aid the spirit let go of their negative anchor so they can move on to a level they should be at.

This resolution must be done by the earth bound spirit, not by us. If it is a negative trait, that spirit must learn to let go and move pass it so they will no longer be forced to remain earth bound. Just as individual change is up to us, so the individual change up to the spirit.

We can encourage them, but in the final analysis the work must be done by the spirit. So folks are misdirected by thinking they can do the work for the spirits and this would free them. Spirits are like us, but without the body. Just as we get angry and hold onto a negative trait, it is up to us to let go of that negative trait or attitude so we may grow and heal.

One of the best advice for the living is to Forgive and Forget so we will not become earth bound at death. People hold unto anger and this anger will keep them earth bound after death. Love will keep us from becoming earth bound and will benefit all who come into contact with us.

Dave Oester
CoFounder IGHS

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