Do Demons Exist?

I get many emails from visitors to our web site who claim they have demons invading their homes. These people seek a quick solution to their problem. In some cases, they seek priests to do exorcisms or call upon psychics to come and banish these demonic visitors. Unfortunately for them neither priests or psychics are successful and it only gets worst afterwards.

I simply have to smile and wonder what planet they came from. Rather than wanting to learn about what is happening, they do not seek education, only banishment of what they claim to be evil around them. It seems everything that they do not understand is labeled a demon.

Over a fifteen year period, I have recorded over three thousand EVP ghost voices and investigated over 1,000 haunted sites, both in the USA and in Central America and I have never encountered anything that came close to resembling demons or evil creatures. If demons exist, why haven't I encountered them in my investigations, often done at sites many consider to be evil or demonic?

There are no demons and no demonic creatures, but we do have the evil that men will do to each other. I do not fear the dead but have dedicated my life to understanding the spirits that remain on this earth plane. Never have I encountered anything more than a ghost with attitude. Fear the living, but not the dead.

Demons are a myth evolved from Western Religious Sects. Demons are supposed to lead the "saved" ones away from the true light. It is odd, but these sects believe that only they are in danger of damnation from these demons. The rest of humanity is not tormented by demons, as they are not "saved" so why is it that these demons only torment these sects? Perhaps it is the demons of their own souls that torment them.

People who love labels and who lack any knowledge or understanding of the spirits of the dead will label ghosts and shadow people as being demonic. This sounds like the philosophy of the medieval period when people believed anything told to them by their cleric leaders, who demanded total obedience from the people. We supposedly live in an age of enlightenment, we supposedly do don't believe in superstitions and in folklore. We accept science and the achievements of science, like the television and radio, but we allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by myths and folklore that have no foundation or validity.

At one time, even a match was called a Lucifer and in an earlier era was considered black magic. Exorcism is an ineffective ritual to remove ghosts or demons. This is just another example of how some people fall back into superstitions and folklore, instead of using common sense.

Demons never existed in the medieval church until after people viewed the play, Dante's Inferno, and after that time, the Church used the hellish examples in the play as a metaphor about good and evil. Later the metaphor evolved into doctrine and became a Church teaching that continues to this day. A good example of this transmutation of the metaphor is "John runs like a deer." Later this metaphor will evolve into "John is a deer" and people will swear that John was a deer.

It is interesting to observe the transmutation that takes place in religious doctrine and how it influences new ghost hunters entering this field. Some argue that religion has no place in ghost hunting, but I would suggest that religion has an important role as their disciples are the ones who promote negative connotations with their demonic myths and self-proclaimed judgments regarding ghosts. If we ignore religion, we ignore the basis for demonism. We need to understand this myth as it is a superstition instituted by medieval cleric to scare and keep their congregational members in obedience.

If we live in an age of enlightenment, we need to cast off the sacred cows that hide the truth behind tradition and discover that the spirits of the dead is evidence of life after death.

Dr. Dave Oester
September 28, 2003 Newsletter

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