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Demons & Ghosts
Dr. Dave Oester, PhD

This article is for those folks who insist that they have demonic entities that is terrorizing them or family members. They are positive that they have been invaded by demons from the depth of Hell. They claim demonic activities are taking place and they are desperate for help.

When I ask them why they feel they have demons, they generally respond that a pyschic or medium visited their home and reported that there were evil or demonic spirits in their home and that the home had to be exorcised by a priest or minister.

Let's backtrack for a minute. The idea that the home is occupied by demonic spirits was created because a psychic or medium said she felt evil. First, what if the psychic or medium had a bad hair day and got nothing but emotional static and interpreted their own emotional static as evidence of demonic activity? Psychics and mediums are not trained to understand the spirits of the dead. What if the psychic is a fundamentalist who has been taught that demons will get you if you are not good.

I have never encountered demonic activities, but I have encountered ghosts with attitudes! I do not call these angry ghosts, demonic or evil. Some people play on the fears of others and claim they can remove evil spirits by holy words, rituals, icons or holy water. However, I have found from my own research and experience that exorcism does not work! God does not step in to save the life of a small child being abused, so why would He step in to remove a spirit you think is demonic?

If you subscribe to a belief system that promotes the existence of demons, I am sorry, but I cannot validate your belief. Simply quoting chapter and verse does not mean that what is being quoted is accurate or realistic. It may be your belief, but in the real world, I find that ghosts are like people, some are good and some are bad. The bad does not mean they are evil.

People often mistranslate their feelings of not understanding an event with feeling of fear. We fear what we do not understand and we feel threatened by what we fear. We immediately label an event so we can deal with it.

Have you ever noticed that only the religious folks see demons while the rest of us see ghosts with attitudes. We teach that ghosts are people without physical bodies who have intelligence, emotions and personality. We teach ghosts are everywhere! Now apply this knowledge and come to understand that even in your town, city or village, ghosts are everywhere. They walk among us daily, some can see them while most cannot.

Are they a threat to us? No! Are we a threat to them? No! Many people wear religious blinders that prevent them from seeing the truth, they would rather rely upon folklore, hearsay or the opinions of their priest or ministers then to develop an understanding of the dead.

I have never encountered a demon or evil spirits in all of my ghost hunting days. Have I been scared? Yes, but not from demons or evil spirits, but from my own imagination and personal fears. Do demons exist? So far, I cannot say they do, but I have encountered angry spirits, they that emotion of anger is a human reaction, a human emotion, not some demonic trait reserved for the Dark Realm.

Can a ghost hurt you? That all depends on the strength and skills of a ghost. I know of cases where people have belittled or poked fun at ghosts and they have knocked people down for their conduct. Ghosts are like people and can become angry and upset by rudeness and disrespect. Consider "road rage" and remember, we take with us our attitudes and emotions when we cross to the other side. Will a ghost hurt you? No, most likely not. Why, because they have no reason to want to hurt you. When you go to a grocery store, are the people shopping there going to hurt you? I think not, unless you pick a fight with someone.

I would sure hope that the next person who got angry with you is not called demonic and evil. What does this say about our ability to deal with someone who is upset? After talking with those who claim they have demons, generally it turns out that they are simply afraid and have allowed their imagination to work overtime.

If being angry is grounds for being demonic than we have many people who are demon in this life, in fact, anyone who gets angry becomes a demon. You can see how silly this idea becomes in the light of day. Anger is an emotion and we have already said ghosts have emotions, so now you understand that ghosts can be angry just as the living can be angry.

My advice to someone who has been told they have evil or demonic spirits in their home is this: Don't listen to that hogwash! Open your front door and invite that person to leave your home. Some pyschic and medium want their fifteen minute of glory so they use their very active imagination and create their own monsters to frighten and scare you.

Now, some of you are making the sign of the cross and fuming at the nostrils because I am implying that demons are not real and that God does not remove demons in exorcism. I am a minister, but that does not mean I have to believe the way some close minded folks think I should. God does not interfere in the affairs of man. He may start the ball rolling, but it is up to us to keep it moving. God love us, but He is not a babysitter!

Some will say I will burn in Hell because I speak out against myths and folklore carried over from a time when church authorities thought the earth was flat. I respond by saying, I have seen no evidence of Hell from the Spirits of the Dead. The religious folks talk about a Heaven and Hell, some of us think we are living in Hell now, with pollution, taxes, government paperwork, high prices of gasoline, airline seats built for skinny folks and worst of all, having to listen to politicians preach to us about their honesty and good works.

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