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Christianity is a religion with over 30,000 different sects ranging from the extreme left to the extreme right. Christianity is a religion, perceived by many Christians, as the tool to bring families together in worship and in unity. When we remove this false perception, we find that Christianity fragments many families, tearing them apart over beliefs and practices not accepted by other family members.

There is constant in-fighting between the Christian sects, each determined to be absolute in their teachings. These different sects, formed because of a disagreement with the original beliefs, based on the same divine entities, but diverse in the tenets. Thus, we have fragments of Christianity divided into sects that function under different names, changed due to interpretation of the same word handed down.

The Christian rituals and ordeals are based on many earlier influences, including the Egyptian cult of Amun-Ra. The early Christian (Catholic) Church was and is still dominated by Egyptian symbols and architecture originating with the Amun-Ra religion. Emperor Constantine practiced the Amun-Ra religion become adopting the Christian religion. If one was to visit Rome they would see the Egyptian influence in their monuments. Today Christian members either follow the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament or they reject the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and rely only upon the New Testament. There is no uniform policy among the 30,000 sects.

The Hebrew Bible, written by Jewish scholars in the ninth century, did not encompass the people outside this land or who were not Arabic in lineage. Even the story of the Flood came from the stories associated with the earlier Samarians and written down in the mid AD 800s. The Bible was not written by men inspired of God, but by scholars attempting to document their current beliefs.

Christianity is a religion woven from a multitude of different prior religions; it embraces the Sun God of Amun-Ra, the resurrection from the Norse religions, the December 25 of the Wicca's faith, and the virgin birth of the Mithra religion that existed for over 1,000 years and coexisted during Jesus lifetime. Christianity is not original. Therefore, if one rejects Christianity, it does not mean rejection of God. God was around long before the Christian sects and will be here long after they fade into the background. We tend to forget that God is not found in how big a church building might be or of socializing only with those who believe in the same manner in which we believe.  We must not forget that God is the basis for any belief system. God existed before manmade religions and will continue to exist long after man made religions fade away.

This God-entity has many names given to it by the many world religions. God's name is not important, but it is the relationship that each of us establishes with him that is important. God does not have to jump through hoops to qualify to be a Christian God. The God of the Old Testament is mean and vicious while the God of the New Testament is kind and loving. These two Gods are as different as night to day. This is the beginning of a myth that alleged that the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament was really one long epic book.

I am an ordained and licensed minister, but I am not a minister that is exclusive to a Christian sect. I have a strong and personal relationship with God. I know the voice of my God. My God does not require me to jump through hoops or sit a church each Sunday or pay financial support to a church that man has created. I have no need for baptism or salvation by mouthing words, as there is no saving or damning by God. I am not going to a heaven or hell, as these are Christian concepts. I will find my peace, happiness, and bliss and it will have nothing to do with membership or lack of membership in any man-made churches.

Yes, I learned a lot from understanding the dead. They abide by no earth based religion after death. This is one reason exorcism has no power over the dead. Religious exorcism is a myth promoted by the original Christians to empower them with the ability to remove spirits. Religion does not exist with God or in the life after death realm. God does not require religion or even that we have to believe in him. God imposes no requirements on to man. Study the pagan or native beliefs and you find that each teach a respect for God and for nature and this land that we all share together.

Yes, I believe in God, I believe in life after death, and I believe that ghosts are the evidence of that life after death. Christianity hinders the understanding of life after death by creating demons and fears that the dead are evil and lost to God.

Rev. Dr. Dave Oester, PhD, DD

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