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This course is the embodiment of Dave and Sharon’s eighteen years of ghost research and more than 5,000 EVP recording segments, both from cassette tape and digital recorders. Dave and Sharon developed radically different techniques and protocols for the recording of ghost voices that proved very successful for them.

The International Ghost Hunters Society was the first professional Society of Paranormal Investigators promoting the use of digital technology for the recording of ghost voices from beyond the grave. Dave and Sharon believed the voices recorded are the souls of those who lived and died here.

The information contained in this Home Study Course manual will guide you to a stimulating hobby or perhaps, into a new and profitable career. This course will guide you on everything you need to help you launch yourself into this is exciting adventure.

You will learn the professional method of conducting field investigations according to the EVP techniques and protocols specific for EVP investigations. You will develop your EVP Recording skills so you can recognize valid ghost voices compared to static or general background noise.

Also included is step by step instructions for working with Acoustica 2.25 and Acoustica 3.2/4.0 and the freeware Audacity software for filtering out clicks and for noise reduction.

The Certified EVP Researcher program is a 2 part- PDF books ready for download.

Part 1 for this course covers the following: History of Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Sound Waves, Where to Conduct EVP Investigations, Best Times for Recording EVP, EVP Recording Equipment, EVP Analysis Software, Reverse Speech Pro, EVP Samples & Reversals

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Part 2 covers the Audacity software, how to use it, and where to get it free.

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In the honor of the late Dr. Dave, his children want his work to live on and still offer his home study courses for a fraction of their original cost (originally sold for $50!). The courses offered here are for education and entertainment purposes only.

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