Casper and the Camera Strap

This photo was taken of Casper the Friendly Ghost and our camera strap. We wanted to see what a strap looked from our camera and compare it to the Sellers Arts & Crafts photo of the vortex with a shadow that is posted on this website. Check it out and judge for yourself. I see no similarities!

Casper came out okay, but the strap showed many dark areas. I had trouble shooting a frame with the strap in front of the lens. It is hard to keep the strap directly in front of the lens. In one shot, Sharon had to hold it in front of the lens of the camera. The strap took up most of the width of the frame!

It is not easy to "accidently" get a strap in the picture, one has to work at in and possibly employ some meditation techinques. Compare the size and width of the "strap" to other suspect pictures. One can see some common features and some features that are unique, not found in the so called "strap" pics. We shot half a dozen pic with the strap in front of the lens, only these came out white...most showed the strap as all black and took up most of the width of the pic!

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