Over 360 ghost voices.
Nowhere else will you find a 60-minute DVD such as this one, filled with 844 pictures and over 384 ghost voices from all across the country and from Central America.

Living with Ghosts

This e-Book was inspired after watching the film, Beetlejuice, when two recently deceased people found themselves suddenly on the other side of the grave and had no idea how to interface with the living until they found the book, Handbook for the Recently Deceased, and started to learn how to be ghosts. The idea came to us that the living needed such a handbook, but written for the living. There are countless myths and folklore about ghosts based on cultural superstitions that have become a part of our Western belief system. Our purpose here is to shed some light on the mysteries surrounding ghosts and their hauntings and remove the fears inherited in those suppositious myths.

It has been our experience that when people move into a new home and discover they have ghosts, they want to rely upon “who you going to call” syndrome as featured in the Ghostbusters film, but the film version does not apply to the living today. The living cannot exorcise ghosts from homes, the living have no power over the dead. Yet, the homeowners are worried sick about what might be lurking inside their homes. After calling for the local priest or psychic to exorcise the ghosts, they find that prankster ghosts plague their home even more after the exorcism than before. Now they surf the Internet looking for help. Finally, they stumble upon www.ghostweb.com. After many emails to us, they relax, replacing fear of the unknown with knowledge about ghosts and the Afterlife.

As professional ghost hunters, we have conducted over 1,500 investigations at 356 different sites, as of this writing and have recorded over 5,000 ghost voices. We share our discoveries about the nature and psychology of earth bound spirits or ghosts in this book. We explore the early pagan history and their evolvement into the dark side. Some pagan beliefs evolved into today’s controversial myths as evil, demons, possession, heaven, and hell that have become a part of our society today.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Folklore, Traditions, and Myths
  • Living in a Haunted House
  • Truth about Orbs
  • Understanding the Spirits of the Dead
  • Psychology of Earth Bound Spirits
  • Origins of Evil and Demons
  • Exorcism and Possession
  • Sleep Paralysis
  • Residual Hauntings
  • Dimensional Shifts
  • The Afterlife

This e-Book PDF download is over 46,000 words in length (103-pages) and represents our experiences as ghost researchers. This PDF book can be printed out or viewed on either a PC or Mac computer. Upon notification by PayPal, we will send the download instructions via email. If you place an order during the middle of our night, it will be the next morning before we can process your order.

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