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Official IGHS Handbook

Confused each time you take a digital photo and find strange, eerie spheres in them? How can you tell the difference between ordinary airborne dust particles the supernatural orbs? We have been pioneering ghost photography since 1990 and have evaluated over 200,000 photos of suspected paranormal anomalies. We have the experience and the knowledge that we are sharing in our Official IGHS IGHS Ghost Photography Handbook, complete with color photos of different kinds of orbs. We share our insights and knowledge gained from a combined 30 years of ghost hunting experience. No longer be confused about those pesky orbs that show up on digital photos. Learn the truth and step out of the darkness surrounding orbs.

New 2005 revisions have added 30 new photos and increased the 21-page booklet to 44-pages. Purchase the PDF (Portable Document Format) download that can be opened regardless of hardware or software. This means that all computers, PC and Mac systems can open and read the PDF file. All that is required is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program, version 6 or higher. The PDF download is $14. Upon notification by PayPal, we will send the download instructions via email. If you place an order during the middle of our night, it will be the next morning before we can process your order.

If you donít yet have Adobe Reader, click here to download it (it is free). Abode Reader

PDF Download: Digital Ghost Photography Handbook: $14.00

Two PDF Booklet Special: How to Record and Analyze Ghost Voices and Digital Ghost Photography Handbook for $25.00. Save $4

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