The New EVP Handbook
How to Record and Analyze Ghost Voices
(PDF Download 932 kb with 119 pages

This is our new and revised in May 2013 EVP Handbook completed in February 2009, updated May 2013 with 118-pages and explanations that goes beyond ghosts and hauntings, but might be related to dimensional shifts that merge with our reality. Start with an introduction by David John Oates on Reverse Speech. We have shared our secret techniques and protocols for recording and analyzing ghost voices. This is the most comprehensive step by step guide for recording ghost voices found on the Internet. We share all of our successful techniques, including using the digital or tape recorder, how to hook up cables between the recorder and the computer and how to use the EVP software to analyze your EVP, how to remove background noise and how to boost the signal strength of weak ghost voices.

Purchase this remarkable step by step guide is as a PDF (Portable Document Format) download that can be opened regardless of hardware or software. This means that all computers, PC and Mac systems can open and read the PDF file. All that is required is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program, we recommend version 6 or higher. We will send you an email with the address and password for downloading the PDF file. This is a revised edition with 118-pages of valuable information about recording and analyzing ghost voices. The booklet is PDF viewable and printable.

The PDF 118-page eBook is filled with specific instructions on where to find haunted locations, how to conduct field investigations, how to hook up the cables between the recorder and the computer to transfer the EVP recordings, and the step by step guide on how to use the EVP software you can download for between $15 and $39 from a German web site. We do not sell the software, only the eBook on how to  use it for cleaning up EVP ghost voices. The software comes with no instructions, we are the only ones to write and sell a booklet on how to use that software for EVP analysis. The eBook includes instructions for using Acoustica 2.25, 3.2 and the newest version Acoustica 4.0/4.1 that sells for $39.90. This software is superior to EVPMaker. We also include the freeware software called Audacity with instructions on how to use it and where to download it for Windows or MAC systems.

Now you can learn how to record and analyze EVP voices like the professionals. Step by step guide written by professional ghost hunters. The PDF booklet is $15. Upon notification by PayPal, we will send the download instructions via email. If you place an order during the middle of our night, it will be the next morning before we can process your order.

Jim Floyd of Indianapolis, Indiana writes, "I wanted to let you know that I received your new book: "How to Record and Analyze Ghost Voices. Using the information it contains, I was able to identify and analyze three pieces of EVP from a digital recording I did on July 3, 2003, at 10:20 p.m."

Susan Olson of Riverside, California writes, "I LOVE your new EVP booklet! For a long time now I have experimented with digital recording to no avail. The information in your booklet helped me to get better recordings without background static! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!"

Tammy and Steve Kulis of Genoa, New York writes, "My husband Steve and I purchased your book on how to use the Acoustica program and that book was the best thing we have ever purchased in the line of ghost hunter equipment. It is better than a gift at Christmas time! I have over fifty tapes that I recorded on in Gettysburg and the local cemeteries here in Genoa and Venice center that we went through again. We definitely were not using the Acoustica program right. To our amazement, we have several good EVPs and were shocked how we can hear them now. I would recommend this book to everyone!"

If you donít yet have Adobe Reader, click here to download it (it is free). Abode Reader

PDF Download: The New EVP Handbook:
How To Record and Analyze Ghost Voices: $15.00

Two PDF Booklet Special: The New EVP Handbook and Digital Ghost Photography Handbook for $25.00. Save $4

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