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Sharon's Tib-Bits 3

Not until this last conference in Gettysburg did I ever stop to realize that sometimes, ghost hunting may require having a designated driver. Now that may sound a bit strange to you, but to me I saw that there are times when there could be a real need.

Most of our picture taking jaunts take place after the sun has gone down. This is normally a time when adrenalin is rushing, eyes are looking all around, senses are heightened and whomever is behind the wheel of the vehicle needs to keep their eyes on the road.

Everyone is anxious to capture that elusive enigma on film and if the driver is also one who takes pictures, that can mean distraction. It can also mean the vehicle can end up stuck in mud on the shoulder of a road some place, or in a ditch out in the darkness. Not to mention any names, but this kind of problem can occur to anyone at any time should the driver be distracted.

You don't necessarily need to consume alcohol to have need of a designated driver when going out to photograph the battlefields of Gettysburg at night or anyplace else for that matter. But you do want to make sure that whoever is behind the wheel of the vehicle, is watching the road. Especially after a hard rain.

If you are hanging up your under things, to dry them after washing or laying them out for the next day, make sure they are not hanging anywhere near the dog's water dish. For some odd reason, we are finding this water bowl to be like a magnet for various items, now to include underwear. It makes it tough for the dog to get a drink and also makes for an uncomfortable ride the next day.

Happy trails, until next time.

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