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Sharon's Tib-Bits 2

Well, we got Dave squared away by moving the dog's water dish. But since then, I have seen the dog step in her water dish twice!

It is interesting to read how RV Parks advertise the amenities they offer. We have found, to our dismay, they do embellish, just a bit. For example:

Modem access may mean hooking up your computer while standing outside in a phone booth. Now that may not sound too bad, unless it is raining or snowing outside. High winds can sure wake you up too. But it definitely gets a bit tense, during a thunderstorm.

Modem access is from 3 PM to 7 PM, only. Once hooked up, you are limited to 5 minutes on-line!

Modem hook up is in the RV Park Office, but they ask that you leave money, as a donation, in the coffee can as they are saving to have an outdoor phone booth put in.

Modem access is available, but there is no power outlet in the same place as the modem access. There is no place to sit, you must stand to access your mail.

The camping guide says the campground is open all year, but once you find the place, they tell you the bathrooms are closed and there is no water at the site you have been assigned as the water pipes are frozen. The rates remain the same year 'round though.

You pull into a campground and find a note on the office door that reads, "Go to site #1 for check-in." When you go to site #1, someone answers the door with, "What do you want?" She steps out to register you, resembling an angry Sumo Wrestler. The attitude strikes you that you should have waited until her soap opera was over.

The camp hostess has to read to you, out loud, the park rules. When asking her if she knows where a historic site might be (by name) she sneers and says, "It took the last guy seven days to find that place!" She gives no further information.

The camping guide lists modem access, but when inquiring about it, this pseudo--sumo person whines how cold it is in the office and how she doesn't like to go in there! Some evenings we have found it best to take a break and NOT go on-line.

Now back to some common sense while traveling in an RV.

If the temperature drops down into the low 30's or less, it is best to disconnect your water hose before retiring for the night. Otherwise, your hose will freeze. If you have a filter hooked onto the water hose, it too will freeze and break. It is a waste of time and energy to try to roll up a frozen water hose. The same applies to the septic hose.

RV Parks can be like ghost towns. You can be the only RV in the park when pulling in, but as darkness sets in, you find you aren't alone as long, light colored metallic tubes fill in the spaces around you. Upon waking in the morning, you are apt to find, you are the only RV in the park, especially if it is 8 AM or later.

Don't put off doing tomorrow, what you should have done months ago.

Happy trails, until next time.

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