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Sharon's Tib-Bits 1

Okay, we've lived in our RV for a month now so it's time to update you on the new lifestyle we've chosen. The big question is, is a good life possible, for two grown adults and a mid-sized dog in a twenty-one foot motor home? I think the circumstances being what they are, survival depends on attitude.

If you can watch where you walk, it makes life a bit easier and a lot less painful. Some however, choose to sit at the table with their feet stuck out in the hallway, not to mention any names. Presently that's one we are working on. It can be corrected to prevent any injuries in the future.

Do we leave our office supplies laying out when we are finished with them? That is also being worked on as it too can be hazardous.

Today we experienced a new phenomenon worth sharing. If the dogs water bowl has been in the same place for four weeks, are we aware of it being there? Today I discovered that yes, half of us remembered where the water bowl sits. However, the other half of us now has one wet sock and squishes when he walks, not to mention any names, of course.

Life is certainly a learning experience and learning to live on the road can be quite an education. It takes love, patience and careful maneuvering to live in an RV full time. It also takes a good sense of humor most of the time. For us, it a is wonderful experience and we are enjoying this, very much. We are seeing new places and meeting IGHS Members who in the past have only been names we've come to know attached to email.

We hope to meet lots more of you as we travel across this beautiful and wonderous country of ours. We always try to keep you updated as to where we are and where we are going. If you find us in your area and have a special place you'd like to investigate with us, drop us an email and let us know. We'd love to meet you and share some new "haunts" along our way.

Happy trails, until next time.

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