The IGHS Certified Paranormal Investigator Home Study Course


This course was designed for students wishing to conduct Paranormal Investigations and for understanding the issues about psychological, spiritual and mystical aspects surrounding death. There is no other home study course offered on the Internet that even comes close to the material Dr. Dave taught.

After Dr. Dave passed to the other side of the living to join the ghosts he spent his life documenting and investigating, he left a big hole in the hearts of his family and community. In his honor we want his work to live on and still offer his home study courses for a fraction of their original cost (originally sold for $60!). The courses offered are for education and entertainment purposes only.

This Course will provide training as a Paranormal Investigator, including conducting proper interviews and providing individual comfort and help to those who are experiencing grief, loss of a loved one, earth bound spirits or those who are having difficulties with angry and malevolent spirits.

The Part 2 of the Home Study Course covers the following topics:

Arranging Appointments, Interview Questions, Dangers of the Ouija Board, Understanding Death and Loss and the Process of Grief as Transitions, Loss, Grief & Death, Fears, Understanding the Human Spirit & Soul, Illness, Forgiving and Healing, Accepting Death and After Death Communication , Thanatology: Research Into Near-Death Experiences and ADC, Fundamentalism vs. Polytheism, A Meditation Technique to Discover the Spiritual Self, Energy: Our Essence, Life Cycle: Transition, Understanding the Value of Dreams & Dreaming of the Deceased, Organized Religion Today, Sleep Paralysis, Quantum Physics of Change, Language of Prayer

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